Garvey, Philip


Philip Garvey

Dept. of Soil Science
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Academic Degrees

I have worked for the British Geological Survey on several occasions to assist in the collection of samples for geochemical analysis. This has included sampling in both the urban and rural environment and from a variety of different sampling media: soils, stream sediments, vegetation & water. I have experience of a number of different sampling methodologies and approaches to geochemical mapping exercises, including sampling for organic and inorganic analysis.

I have worked on the following projects on 5 separate occasions between 2008-2010:

  • G-BASE (The Geochemical Baseline Survey of the Environment)
  • GEMAS (Geochemical mapping of agricultural soils of Europe)
  • London Earth (High density soil survey across the Greater London Authority)

Current and Recent Research Projects

The Mechanisms and controls of metal tolerance development in ammonia oxidizing soil microbial communities

The objective of this project is to investigate metal tolerance in ammonia oxidising microbial communities to help develop remediation strategies for metal impact soils. In particular we aim to improve the remediation strategy success of soils in Flin Flon Manitoba. The project will examine the affect land use has on the ability for soil ammonia oxidizing communities to develop metal tolerance when exposed to zinc and copper. Soil microbial responses to increasing zinc and copper doses will be determined both functionally and at the genetic level. The project will utilize range of soil microbiological methods which have been developed and widely used for nitrifying microorganisms. In addition to determine the impact of different trace metal exposures the repose by ammonia oxidisers to different potential remediation options will be determined.