Guo, Rui


Rui Guo

University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Current and Recent Research Projects

My research topic is concerned with the development of novel polymeric materials and the characterization of their sorption properties. The applications of these materials range from advanced drug delivery systems to the capture of environmental contaminants.


L. D. Wilson*; M. H. Mohamed; R. U. Guo; D. Y. Pratt; J. H. Kwon; and S. T. Mahmud  "Sorption of Agrochemical Model Compounds by Sorbent Materials Containing b-Cyclodextrin" J. Agromedicine - practice, policy, 2010 (March Issue, in press).

R. Guo and L. D. Wilson*  2009 "Investigation of cyclodextrin-based copolymer microsphere materials"  Proceedings of the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection Conference.

Conferences and Presentations

“Investigation of cyclodextrin based copolymer microsphere materials” CSC, 2009 (Hamilton Convention Centre; Hamilton, ON.)

“Investigation of cyclodextrin based copolymer microsphere materials” SEEP, 2009 (Dublin City University; Dublin, Ireland)

“Cyclodextrin-Polyacrylic acid copolymer microsphere materials” CHESS, 2009 (University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, SK.)

“Sorption properties of tunable mesoporous materials” WCMCW, 2010 (University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, SK.)