SLS Mission Statement

“to place learning at the centre”


Student Learning Services develops and offers facilities, programs, resources, and opportunities for all faculty, instructors, and students in order to enhance the teaching and learning environment; to foster effective teaching and learning; and to champion and celebrate quality education at the University of Saskatchewan. Our success is dependent upon connection, collaboration, and cooperation—we acknowledge our role in building bridges and partnerships between and among people, academic and support units, and ideas as we play our part in fostering learning and creating growth, excitement, and discovery in the University.

Promoting Mentorship as a Foundation for Learning and Teaching

  • In acknowledging the intrinsic link between teaching and learning, we give undergraduate students the opportunity to be mentored, and to enhance their own learning by becoming mentors.
  • We offer courses and opportunities for mentorship of graduate students as they transition into teaching and other professional roles.
  • We deliver programs to orient and support faculty and instructors in their professional journey.
  • We invite faculty to serve as mentors to other faculty and to our staff.

Building An Environment that Fosters a Culture of Learning and Teaching

  • We assess our perspectives, strategies, and programs and engage scholarship devoted to evidence-informed practices in teaching and learning.
  • We continue to communicate our vision, programs, and resources to all university teachers to expand the discourse of teaching and build a university environment in which self-reflection around teaching becomes second nature. We thus support the normalization of effective teaching both in discourse and practice.
  • Recognizing our sense of place, the heritage of the peoples of our locale, and the diversity of our students, we work to ensure that the cultures and perspectives of Indigenous peoples become core to the fabric of the University.
  • We encourage and invite all students to regard the University as an intellectual home in which they can explore, reflect, grow, and develop a sense of purpose.

Connecting Theory and Practice in Learning and Teaching

  • We facilitate curricular, multidisciplinary learning communities that validate intellectual life on campus, connect students and faculty with common interests and goals, and encourage everyone to regard knowledge holistically.
  • We vigorously explore and promote innovations in curriculum and instruction, focusing particularly on experiential learning and International and Aboriginal curricula as a means of addressing the diverse needs of our students and larger community. We aid faculty in planning, developing and delivering program and course curricula.
  • We validate the link between life and learning by providing opportunities for community-engaged learning.

Nurturing Proficient and Effective Learning and Teaching

  • We seek to ensure that all students, especially those who have traditionally encountered barriers to access or conditions that may compromise learning, will have access to supports that enrich their learning experience.
  • We target areas of vulnerability in student performance, and seek to address these through the provision of training in skills, habits, and paradigms.
  • We assist faculty and instructors as they build teaching skills and create synergies between their programs of research and teaching.