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students working in the math/stats help room

The Math/Stats Help service of the University Learning Centre is located in the Murray (Main) Library, Room 144 (map).

The service is free of charge to all current University of Saskatchewan students for help with University of Saskatchewan courses.


Math/Stats help staff help students with a variety of mathematical or statistical topics, with a focus on first-year or introductory courses. Our service is primarily a drop-in service: students are welcome to drop in and work on homework, and ask questions when needed. Our service is designed for current University of Saskatchewan students looking for help with U of S courses. We also offer workshops or review sessions on certain topics in mathematics. These will be announced on this page and on PAWS.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide help with research-level statistics at this time. Please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for advice on research-level statistics. You may also find the resources at the Murray Library page on Numeric Data helpful.


Are you interested in helping other students? We're looking for senior students from Edwards School of Business to serve as peer mentors for students taking Math 121. If you're a strong student, and have succeeded in Math 121, and would like to help other students learn, please consider becoming a peer mentor. Contact Holly Fraser at holly.fraser 'at' (replace 'at' with the @ symbol) or call 306-966-2742.

The regular schedule for Term 2 (Quarter 4) is below. Please contact Holly Fraser if you have feedback about our hours (e.g. the hours are not compatible with your schedule).

Looking for help with the statistical package 'r'? There are videos on 'r' at To get started with 'r', go to (requires nsid authentication) and try this video:

For those students doing review of trigonometry, here is a link to the unit circle, showing positive angles in radians and degrees and their terminal points: (source: wikimedia)

Math Readiness course: If you are interested in taking Math Readiness, please email Holly Fraser at holly.fraser at . (Replace ' at ' with the @ symbol.)


Upcoming events

Please check out this area for information on special sessions - remember too that any U of S student is welcome to drop in to Math & Stats Help any time we're open. :)


- Math Placement Test (for students registered in certain 100-level mathematics courses): For more information about the placement test, go to . If you still have questions, please contact Amos Lee in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (lee at - replace the 'at' with @).  To try a sample version of the placement test that you will write in September, please go to:


Hours of Operation

Term 2 (Quarter 4) of Spring and Summer Session

We will be closed on Monday, August 4 for the Saskatchewan Day holiday.


Hours of Operation - end of Quarter 4/Term 2
Friday August 8-Thursday August 14

Friday August 8: 11am-4pm

Saturday August 9: closed

Sunday August 10: 1-4pm

Monday August 11: 11am-5pm; 6-8pm in Arts 263

Tuesday August 12: 11am-5pm; 6-8pm in Arts 263

Wednesday August 13: 10am-5pm; 6-8pm in Arts 263

Thursday August 14: 10am-2pm


We will be closed from August 15 until September 3.



This schedule is subject to change. If these hours are not compatible with your schedule, please email Holly at holly.fraser at (replace the 'at' with the appropriate symbol). In particular, if you are interested in weekend hours, please contact Holly.


General Information

Schedule: Math/Stats Help is generally open whenever the U of S is in session; that is, during Regular Session (September-April) and Spring and Summer Session (mid-May until mid-August). We are not able to open on statutory holidays. We often hold exra hours during the final exam periods.

If you have written or will be writing the Math Placement test for your 100-level Mathematics course, you might be interested in trying out the online Sample Placement test, at the website of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

If you would like to find a private tutor (for payment), please consult either the tutor list maintained by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, available here: Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics tutor list or the tutor list maintained by the USSU (general) Help Centre:


U of S students seeking help with non-U of S courses should be aware that students needing help with U of S courses have priority. Unfortunately, we usually do not have the capacity at this time to answer questions from people who are not University of Saskatchewan students.


Math help for physics - If you are looking for help with the mathematics used in physics, you may want to consider registering in the "Math for Physics" course being offered by the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics through CCDE (the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education). For more information, please visit the "Math for Physics" website here: . Alternatively, you may want to seek help at your physics tutorial, at the Structured Study Sessions for physics, or at Math/Stats Help. Please note that Math/Stats Help tutors are not necessarily prepared to help with physics concepts, but can help with math calculations involved.