Community Engaged Learning

What is Community Engaged Learning?

Ever been involved in your community? A lot? Never? Community engaged learning could be for you! Get involved in meaningful ways, enrich your education, and gain an edge in the career market. Explore this website and feel welcome to contact us for more information.

"What if I've never done something like this before?"

No worries; no experience is needed. Just sign up and we'll guide you through the rest.

"What is this kind of programming about?"

Community Engaged Learning is a model of programming where students can:
  • make a difference through service to the community
  • gain a better understanding of community issues
  • expand awareness of leadership and citizenship roles
  • build experience for future career
  • meet great people :)

"Yeah, but what is community engaged learning?"

Community engaged learning, or CEL, expands our university focus in our wider community. Through partnership with community-based organizations, students are placed with these organizations to work (unpaid ;)) to address community-identified needs, while also learning from the front-lines knowledge and lived experience of the organizations and community members. As a model of experiential learning, CEL is based on a knowledge-action-reflection cycle that links the placement experiences to (for example) courses, personal goals, or future career paths.

It’s a great way to learn hands-on, to get to know our community, and build valuable experience.