2009-2010 PAL Peer Mentors

Whitney A.

I was born in Saskatoon, SK but grew up in Kerrobert Sask. I earned my degree in Sociology this May and am planning on going into education next year. I love the outdoors, and enjoy hiking! I will be part of the Learning Communities group this year.

Veromi A. I am in my first year of university in the college of Arts and Science. My passion lies in music; I play the piano, saxophone, and I sing. I was born and raised in South Africa, moved to Canada at age 6.5, and have traveled to approximately 50 countries (over 500 planes). I love meeting new people, exploring new places and cultures, and learning new things. In the PAL program, I am a peer mentor for the Levesque Learning Community. It is bound to be a terrific year!

Amalie A.

My name is Amalie, and I'm in my second year here at the U of S, majoring in toxicology. In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, practicing calligraphy, cooking, reading and playing games on my pink SpongeBob DS=D In addition to being a Buddy Program PAL, I'm also a part of the U of S Horticulture Club.

Emily B.

I am a second year student in Arts and Science. According to the U of S I'm a biology major, but in my head I'm still undeclared. I'm interested in bioinformatics, biology, teaching and becoming an optometrist. My wonderful horse Sparky takes up most of my free time. I compete as a hunter/jumper across the province out of Ebon Stables.

Leah B.

I am in my third year of university and the second year of a Pyschology Honours Degree. After I graduate, I hope to get into a Clinical Psychology program here at the U of S, or at another university. I love to read and also enjoy learning about many different subjects. In my spare time, I run cross-country and track and field, cycle, spend time with friends, and read fiction.

Jordan B.

I was born in Prince Albert, SK to Swiss-Canadian parents. I love music, playing instruments, traveling, fencing (with swords, not with fences) and just hanging out. I'm in my second year at U of S, planning on going into either medicine or English and will be working in Study Skills as a PAL with the ULC.

Isaac B.

I am a fourth year Arts and Science student majoring in English and minoring in Astronomy. I hope to be a professional writer and am in my second year with the PAL Program.

Karson B.

I'm an Arts and Science student, majoring in Computer Science. During the summer I work at the Innovation Credit Union in Swift Current (the IT Department). I enjoy reading, music, playing video games, watching A LOT of tv/movies... and every now and then I find time for exercise :)

Christina C.

I am a 5th year student in the College of Arts and Science majoring in chemistry. I run cross country and track with the U of S huskies, volunteer as a PAL, and work in the Health Sciences Library to keep myself busy. For fun, I like to read, sing, go for walks, make fattening food, go to "old people" concerts, and read articles on www.howstuffworks.com

Brady C.

I am in my 4th year Microbiology & Immunology. My favorite sport is hockey and I'm a pretty chill dude.

Jenna C.

I am a fourth year student taking a double honours degree in Political Studies and Philosophy. After I convocate at the end of this year I plan to apply to the U of S law program and ultimately I hope to eventually achieve a position practicing human rights law with the United Nations. A couple other fun facts about me; I grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan, I've had over 75 foster brothers and sisters, I love 90's dance music and I am a huge fan of the Silence of the Lambs movies.

Alex C.

I'm Ace Crawley, and to a cannibal I am made entirely of meat. I like the sound of sizzling expectations, the feel of a new bottle of toothpaste, and the colour of love. Be warned - I have been taking various toxins in low doses to build up resistance, so if anyone wants to poison me they'll have to try VERY HARD INDEED. This summer I learned that using BBQ-flavoured shampoo while in bear country is a bad idea. A tremendously. Bad. Idea.

Gautam D.

My name is Gautam and I am a 3rd year Edwards School of Business student. My interests include eating food, drinking water, breathing and sitting down; all in that order.

Lana D.

I am in my 2nd year of Pharmacy at the U of S. I have danced (Ballet, Jazz, and Musical Theatre) and played piano all my life but have now retired to teaching them. Other than teaching, I also play soccer and faithfully watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" I am excited to be participating in the Learning Community branch of the PAL program for another year of fun-filled festivities!

Shannon D.

I am a third year psychology student and am interested in becoming involved with the community both within and outside of the University. I enjoy learning and keeping busy.

Kim D. Hi,

My name is Kim and am in my fifth year at the University. Currently I am in my final year in the College of Education, with a major in Math. This semester I will be helping out in the Math and Stats Help Center. PAL is a great way to gain valuable experience and make many great connections, and would encourage everyone to apply!

Jing F.

I am a second year student majoring in Chemical engineering. I am involved in the Learning Communities Program as a PAL Peer Mentor. My interests include computer games, movies and drawing.

Ashley G.

My name is Ashley and I am in my fourth year of Kinesiology. I love bananas and chocolate, traveling, playing sports and being outside.

Raea G.

Hello everyone! My name is Raea and I am going into my third year of Agricultural Biology. Last year I participated in the International Student Buddy Program as a volunteer and I am excited to continue to be involved in the ULC this year as a Learning Communities PAL. I love dark chocolate, sushi, thunderstorms, getting lost in strange cities and meeting new people!!!

Logan G.

I am a fourth-year Computer Engineering student returning for my second year of working in the Math & Stats Help Centre. When not shoulder-deep in homework, I enjoy playing Campus Rec sports and cooking. I also play the drums and am (slowly) learning to play the harmonica.

Julie G.

Hey all!!! Just call me Julie. I'm in 4th year biochemistry and biotechnology, and minoring in computer science. I like hanging out with friends, especially for ice cream ;) (Uumm, yummy!!) I can be easy going, but don't be close to me when I'm in bad mood or i'll bite you XD

Sarah H.

I am entering my second year in the college of Arts and Science, with a degree declared in chemistry. I enjoy math and physics, and in my spare time I like to do all sorts of sports, hang out with my friends and just plain relax.

Ghassan H.

I am majoring in Biochemistry and seeking an honors degree and hope to get into medicine. I'm "nerdish", but also funny and interesting. I've always been interested in science, especially physics and biochemistry, and I'm trying to keep myself up-to-date with all the scientific developments. I also love swimming and music and I want to be a DJ (seriously!)

Shayleen I.

I am a second year student in the College of Arts and Science, currently pursuing an English major and Biology minor. My favourite pass-times include contemplating the reasons for existence, deep heart-felt discussions with friends, spending time with children including my four younger siblings, singing in the shower, and festive activities. More than anything, I value the love that I have found in Jesus, and wish to love others in a similar manner.

Pavlo I.

I am in my second year of university and am taking classes about the physical manifestation of our soul... in other words the human body. I’m also a turntablelist and a graffiti artist, but my favorite past time is yoga and meditation.

Kyle K.

I run track and field for the Huskies. I am currently in Social Work. I am a member of the Golden Key Society. I like writing essays because I feel they are a great self expression outlet!

Steven K.

I am a Second Year student now declared as majoring in physiology. Although I am interested in health, I refuse to join the "Pre-med Club." It is a good thing I enjoy learning because I have a long road ahead of me if I am to reach my dream of becoming a naturopathic doctor with a hobby farm on the side.

Corrie K.

I am a soil enthusiast, which is why I am doing a major in Soil Science with the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and a minor in Geography. I love being outdoors camping, hiking, and biking mostly. I read a lot, for school and recreational purposes. I am always excited to be in school and learn new things, and enjoy my work in the labs in agriculture.

Robyn K.

Hello there everyone! I am in my second year of arts and science and planning on going into Social Work, possibly at UBC (not that I don't love the U of S, just need a change!). I like to spend my time travelling, enjoying live music and being outside! My job outside of being a student is basically to hang out with seniors!

Jared K.

Hi, I am a 4th year Kinesiology student. I enjoy life quite a lot. In my spare time I like reading textbooks. In the future I hope to be a Campus Cop.

Emily L.

My name is Emily and I adore movies, obscure references, and knitting. I am going into my second year and am in Political Studies.

Kaylee L.

I am an ESB student working towards a double major in Marketing and Management, and hope to obtain a Masters in Architecture after finishing my BCOMM. My outspoken Chinese personality and mad skills with numbers have put me in the role of a Math 121 SSS Coach. If I’m not curling, painting, or at a concert, I’m learning all I needs to know in life from M*A*S*H, the Golden Girls, and Seinfeld.

Kai L.

I am from China and am a second year civil engineering student. I am excited to be a PAL Peer Mentor this year and am part of the Communication Café team.

Varda M.

I am a second year Arts and Science student at University of Saskatchewan, majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Economics. I am a Learning Community PAL Mentor, and I hope to use my communication skills effectively in order to make first year students feel confidence with their studies at university level and to make them reach their goals successfully. I am happy to be a part of University Learning Centre, which would allow me to share my academic experience with other students. My hobbies include playing piano, games, and reading.

Lisa M.

I am in my third year of Agriculture majoring in Biology. This is my first year with the PAL Program and I am looking forward to the year to come.

Megan M.

Hey Everyone! I’m currently in my fourth and final year in the College of Education, specializing in elementary and middle years education. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, cooking and baking, dancing, and listening to music. I also love my bicycle dearly, as well as outdoor activities like playing fastball, cross-country skiing, and walking. My philosophy in life is to love and embrace everything that comes your way, be it a bad hair day or a good song on the radio, because everything happens for a reason and a positive attitude goes a long way! Looking forward to seeing you in a Study Skills session!

Jessica M.

I'm a second year student, majoring in English, but working towards getting into med school. I love to travel, play piano, perform and read. My family is huge (I have 19 first cousins on one side alone!) and I love it. I enjoying meeting new people, though I am extremely introverted.

Martina N.

I am originally from Prince Albert and am currently in my third year at the University of Saskatchewan. I'm in my second year in my major of Computer Science. I enjoy swimming, drawing and playing video games.

Breanna N.

I'm in my fourth and final year of my undergrad. I'm a little bit crazy, too often sarcastic, but generally easy going and easy to get along with! I think the way that we communicate with those around us is as much of a learning experience as any class, which is why I believe that meeting new people and trying new things is such an integral part of life experience; this is what made me decide to apply to PAL! I'm very excited to be a part of the Learning Communities and look forward to meeting everyone!

Khiem N.

My name is Khiem. I am currently a 4th year physiology student and working on an honors project. I have been doing Wushu (martial arts) for about 8 years, and other interests include tennis, movies, and generally hanging out with friends. Another fun fact is that you can find me 90% of the time in the library because I am a geek!

Goodman O.

Hey y'all! My name is Goodman, yes that is Goodman as in my first name. I am an accounting major, finishing up my degree this year and hope to get into law next year. I enjoy all kinds of sports, but my two favorite are NFL and NBA. I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles Fan. Yes nd that includes Michael Vick. If you want to find me on campus, I will probably be studying on main floor, or reffing campus rec basketball at the education gym or working upstairs on the 5th floor of the library because I am a librarian. That is it for now, if you want to know more, then just get at me!

Alexia P.

I am in my fourth year of studies and entering my first year in the College of Education. I worked this summer as a Learning Communities and First Year Advisor for the College of Arts and Science. This is my second year with the PAL Program.

Victoria R.

I am a gardener by trade and an aspiring psychologist in the fall. Building communities that are both functional and beautiful is important to me as part of my goals and work. With a few years left of my psychology degree I'm taking my time to learn as much as I can through PAL, through school, through roommates and friends.

Kristin S.

I'm a physiology student currently completing the 4th year of my degree. Outside of my academic pursuits (if I ever leave the library) I love rocking out at concerts, conversing about science, and travelling. Adventures with my friends are usually always on the agenda :) I'm very excited to be working with the Links Learning Community this year!

Ashley S.

I'm a passive/aggressive person. I’m passive in the way that I sit back and take in my surroundings without instigating much. And aggressive in the way that I play every position possible in hockey, and ride my Honda CBR 600 F4i.

Joel S.

I recently obtained my four-year bachelor of arts honours (english / history minor) degree from the University of Saskatchewan. I am beginning my Masters degree in English this fall. I am excited about being a PAL mentor, and hope that I can assist anybody who thinks they need to refine their study skills.

Naomi S.

I'm in my 5th year and final term of my Agriculture and Bioresources degree. An environmental science major has recently taken me to Nunavut for an amazing work experience! I love the outdoors, riding horseback, and meeting new people.

Matthew T.

I am in my second year at ESB. I am working towards an accounting degree and then I will apply to law school. I am very excited for this upcoming year and cannot wait to get to know all of you!!

Jay V.

I am a third year Edwards School of Business student. My major is in accounting. I am a fun, active, outgoing person who absolutely loves sports. In my free time I like to play sports such as campus touch football, ultimate frisbee, golf, and slow pitch just to name a few. I also love watching hockey, football, and UFC. Other hobbies of mine are watching movies, t.v, and hanging out with friends.

Kaylie W.

I am a 4th year Kinesiology student, first time PAL Peer mentor. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the program! =)

Vinay Y.

My name is Vinay, second year graduate student in the School of Public Health and a research assistant in the College of Dentistry. I like playing cricket, biking, hiking and involving in outdoor activities. I like meeting and greeting new people from around the world and i thought best way to do this is by becoming a PAL Buddy program member:)

Kelly Y.

I am a 4th Bachelor of Fine Arts student. My friends call me the Senator as I am constantly greeting everyone, kissing babies and shaking hands. I couldn't have made it this far without the University Learning Centre, so I look forward to giving back!

Solo Z.

Hey everyone, I am Sicong, but just call me Solo cause I am afraid none of you could pronounce my chinese name in the right way. Anyway, er.. I am in second year in ESB, going to finance major. I love sports and math-related things. Currently, I am in Math and Stats help and I do love what I am doing now. Hope I can help others and this really make me feel proud of myself.