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Roadtrip Nation Learning Community

Roadtrip Nation LC Poster

Interested in discovering your passions and defining your own road in life? Want to explore your academic and career direction? Join the Roadtrip Nation Learning Community and find the open road.



As a student in the Roadtrip Nation Learning Community, you will . . .

  1. Refine your interests.

  2. Align your interests and passions with your program and career goals.

  3. Discover how others have paved their own road.

Ready to join?

The Roadtrip Nation Learning Community meets:


3:30 - 5:00 PM

January 11 - March 28, 2012

Murray 102


Registration is now closed.

Want to learn more about the Roadtrip Nation Movement?

Roadtrip Nation began in 2001 as an idea Mike, Nathan, Brian and Amanda, four friends fresh out of college, formed when they were not sure what to do with their lives. Initially, the scope of their plan was relatively small - climb aboard an old RV, paint it green, and then traverse the country with the purpose of interviewing people who inspired them by living lives that centred on what was meaningful to them.
From there it grew - first a book, a film and then a PBS Series. The four friends wanted to prove that anyone could do what they did - set up interviews, hit the open road, and share the experience. Then in 2008, Roadtrip Nation launched an innovative and interactive online curriculum to allow students everywhere the chance to create their own do-it-yourself Roadtrip Nation Experiences. Perhaps now it is your turn?
Students joining the Roadtrip Nation Learning Community at the University of Saskatchewan will form a community that meets weekly (Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 pm) from January 11 - March 28, 2012 and, led by two peer mentors, will work together to define and build their personal roadmaps for a life that they are truly passionate about. Using Roadtrip Nation's online curriculum, you will explore what you love, connect with people that live a life that inspires you, form a team to interview those people in order to learn from their stories, and then share these experiences with each other. Outside of the Wednesday meetings, you will have access to an incredible collection of online videos to explore and, during mid-term break, you will go on your own road trip (around campus, across town, up north, down south - you decide!). And the cost? Just a $40 course pack fee to cover the cost of your workbook and online account.


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E-mail: roadtripnation@usask.ca
Phone: Student Employment & Career Centre - 966-5003
               or Learning Communities - 966-8057


Offered in partnership with the Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC)