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LC Staff

To contact the Learning Communities team, email:  lc@usask.ca

Joel Fonstad, Coordinator, Academic Transition and First-Year Enrichment Programs

Joel Fonstad joined the University Learning Centre staff full time in 2010 as one of the Coordinators of the Learning Communities program after having worked in various capacities as a graduate student in the unit from 2008. In his MA (English) research, he studied the process of adaptation in relation to the headless horseman myth. He is happy to be currently working in a position where he gets to study the process of adaptation in relation to academic transition, student resilience, and motivation for learning. Joel has been known to work on the side as a Sessional Lecturer, teaching English and INTS 100 (Learning to Learn). According to one student evaluation, “Fonstad is fairly interesting, funny, and looks like David Spade.” He has resigned himself to the possibility that all three of these assertions are true. 

E-mail: joel.fonstad@usask.ca     Phone: 306.966.8057

Dawn Pratt, Academic Enrichment Programs Coordinator

Dawn Pratt joined the University Learning Centre (ULC) in the summer of 2013 as the Academic Transition Programs Coordinator assisting with the coordination of the Learning Communities program; she was involved in the program in the previous year, as an Alumni Namesake Mentor.  For her Master of Science in Chemistry, she developed polymeric structures for contaminant removal from an aqueous solution; i.e. remediation of water. Dawn brings her scientific mind to the development of ideas for programs. Dawn enjoys engaging people on environmental topics, spreading her love for math and science, and mentoring students.

E-mail: dawn.pratt@usask.ca     Phone: 306.966.7771

Kelsey Drayton, Academic Enrichment Programs Coordinator

Kelsey Drayton began her involvement with the University Learning Centre as a Peer Mentor for the Learning Communities program. She is now enjoying being on the other end of things, assisting with the coordination of the program as an Academic Transition Programs Coordinator. Kelsey obtained her B.A. (Hons) in Sociology in 2013 and enjoys applying her Sociological Imagination to the work she does. Previously, Kelsey has held positions in social research and supporting individuals with disabilities. Kelsey loves the ULC’s initiatives and finds it exciting to work for a program that supports students throughout their academic journey and provides great opportunities for student leaders.

E-mail: kelsey.drayton@usask.ca     Phone: 306.966.8347