Math Readiness Course

The Math Readiness Course is a non-credit math review, for students who wish to refresh their high school math skills. The course consists of approximately 22 lessons on the following topic groups:

  • algebra
  • functions and graphs
  • geometry
  • trigonometry, and
  • exponential and logarithmic functions

Please visit the Math Readiness page at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics or download our 2012 Math Readiness flyer for more information; please note that the fee for 2013 offerings of Math Readiness is $300 plus taxes.

To register please call the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education at 306-966-5539 or email Please note that registration for the summer 2013 Math Readiness course will be open until Friday, August 16. If you need more information, please contact Holly Fraser by email at or by phone at 306-966-2742. Staff from CCDE can help you with administrative questions; please call 306-966-1739 or email

The Math Readiness course is offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, with assistance from staff from the University Learning Centre.

Course Offerings

In past years, the Math Readiness Course has been offered both as a summer course and an evening course during regular session  in Term 1 (September-December) and Term 2 (January-April), provided a sufficient number of students register.

Summer course

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has confirmed that Math Readiness will be offered this summer. The exact dates are August 19-30, Monday-Friday. Registration will be available through CCDE after later in May 2013. (Call 966-5539 or email after May 10 to enquire about registration.) If you are looking for a credit course with similar content, please see below ("New! Credit Course").

Evening course

Please note that Math Readiness is a cost-recovery course. In general, we usually need to have a minimum number of students registered in order to run the course. The offerings below are tentative.

Term 1: Fall 2013 - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9pm, starting Tuesday September 24 and ending Thursday November 28.

Term 2: TBA

Online Math Readiness

To register for access to Online Math Readiness (a self-directed online resource containing course materials and interactive exercises), please visit the following page and complete the registration form: Online Math Readiness.

Online Math Readiness is currently available at no charge. For further information or to request an account as a non-university student, please email


New! Credit course option

For those who are interested in taking a credit course that reviews concepts from high school math, please check PAWS for "Math 102." Currently, Math 102 is on the slate of offerings for Term 2 of Spring and Summer Session 2013 (i.e. June 28-August 17) and during Quarter 4 (July 23-August 13). As well, Math 102 will be offered during Term 1 of Regular Session 2013-14. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at 306-966-6081 or by email at for more information. Please note that a credit course means that there will be an official grade issued on your transcript, and that an academic advisor should be consulted to determine how the course will align with your degree program requirements.