Nursing Calculations


Professor J. Heaslip's website contains many resources for help with medication calculations in nursing, including some resources developed by former Student Learning Services Peer Mentor and Pharmacy student Alex C. These include:

  • a question sheet on dilutions: vial dilutions (please note that there is a typo in question 3. It says, "... One hour ago he got 3mg. Right now, he says that the 1 mg helped a little ..." the 3 mg mentioned should actually be 1 mg.)
  • Alex C.'s lecture notes (not filled in) and practice questions have been posted at the Pharmacy section of Prof. Heaslip's virtual hospital website:

A video covering the last two-thirds of Alex's medication calculations session is available at Prof. Heaslip's website: . 

In case you haven't seen this, the College of Nursing has a "virtual lab" site with various resources, including some links for medication calculations: College of Nursing virtual lab. You'll be prompted for your NSID and password to access the site.

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