Math Resources

Students looking for help with mathematics or statistics have resources other than the SLS - math/stats help available to them. These include:

  • the Math Readiness Course - this non-credit course is a review of high school mathematics concepts that are used in calculus. It is offered as a two-week summer course, as an evening course during fall and winter sessions, and as an online course. Please visit the Math Readiness page for more information.
  • contacting a tutor - the Department of Mathematics and Statistics maintains a list of tutors. You may want to visit the USSU Help Centre, which also maintains a list of tutors in a variety of disciplines, including mathematics and statistics.
  • online resources - there is much information on mathematics and statistics available online. Some suggested sites:
  • books - the University Bookstore stocks some books on refresher mathematics (e.g. "College Algebra," "Forgotten Trigonometry") in the U of S bookstore (they might be in the math textbook section or in the general reference section). There are also review "sheets" in the mathematics textbook section of the bookstore. Interested students may want to look for books on refresher mathematics in the University Library. Some students have found borrowing high school textbooks from the Education Library helpful in reviewing math concepts.
Suggestions for Students Who Like Mathematics or Statistics

Do you enjoy your mathematics or statistics courses? If you are interested in pursuing a mathematics or statistics program of study, contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (email: Additionally, you might enjoy touching base with other students who have similar interests. E-mail Holly Fraser at and she'll put you in touch with other people who share your interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics and statistics.