Tips for PAWS Portal

Some of the many PAWS features:

  • Email - When typing a long email, keep in mind that the message might be lost if it takes too long to type. Copy the contents of the email before you send it just in case this happens. This is also true for other web- based email programs such as Hotmail and Gmail.
  • The University Learning Centre channel on the "Academics" tab, has a complete listing of their workshops. Register for these workshops with just a few simple clicks.
  • Course tools can be accessed on the "My Courses" channel on the "Academics" tab.
  • Classified ads - you can view or post one yourself on the "Campus Life" tab. It's like a U of S version of Kijiji!
  • Unofficial transcripts can be viewed in the "Academics" tab.
  • PAWS groups are very useful. Did you know that other group members don't have access to your personal information such as your email address or even your NSID? However, the system allows them to send you a message via PAWS. You are automatically added to a group for every single class you take, so you can contact one of your classmates and vice versa.

    PAWS groups
  • Your University Library account can be found on the "Library" tab, where you can see which books you have checked out and renew them You can also see the locations and hours for each library and even ask a librarian a question through their live online "Ask a librarian..." service.
  • Software training videos - you can access over 50,000 training videos of 460 software courses through Look for the link in the "PD and Training" tab.
  • "My Files" channel is a place to store and access all of your assignments. By storing your schoolwork here, you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection.

Tips about your account:

Your PAWS account belongs to you and only you. You should never give out your password to anyone. If you give this password to your best friend or even your parents, you are giving them access to your private email, your marks and your pay information (if you get a job on campus).

You don't need to keep the same password that is issued to you. Change your password and change it often. Visit

Never send a mass email to your class (via the PAWS group) saying "Hey guys, what did I miss in class today?" Every student, as well as the instructor, will receive it and they won't know which class you are talking about because it will arrive as an email. You are better off e-mailing an individual classmate or asking him or her the next time you go to class.

Once you are familiar with how the PAWS Portal works, you can begin to customize your layout, tabs, and channels.

To access PAWS anywhere on campus, all you have to do is type the word PAWS (+ return), at the top of the brower where you enter the URL. Save yourself a bit of typing.

Learn more about PAWS

You can access some training videos at
If you prefer to attend free workshops about PAWS, visit the Training Services website.