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At the U of S, we want you to get the most from your educational experience here and in Canada. Your first connection to the University of Saskatchewan will likely be a staff member or volunteer from the International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC). ISSAC is dedicated to fostering a welcoming, globally aware and engaged community at the U of S for all students, staff and faculty.  As such, they will likely be one of your most important supports during your time at the U of S. 

There are over 2800 International students from more than 80 countries studying at the U of S, and ISSAC provides support to all of them and their families. Beyond the many programs and services for all students at the U of S, some of the guidance ISSAC offers includes:

  • programs and services specifically for international students that will help to ease your adjustment to university life and culture
  • ways to connect with other international students
    International Student and Study Abroad Centre
  • If you are concerned that you are experiencing or may experience culture shock, be sure to read Student Counselling Services’ handouts on assessing and dealing with culture shock.  It is also a good idea to read their information on reverse culture shock.    

    There are many services for students at the U of S.  Did you know you can see a doctor right here on campus?  No need to find a walk-in clinic somewhere, just head to Place Riel.  If there are no appointments left for the day, they put a sign up outside the elevator.  In order to access medical care and have certain costs covered, International students must apply for a Saskatchewan Health Card.  Do this as soon as you can.  The following services are available on campus:

    • Student Health Services focuses on medical care (for example, seeing a doctor) are located on the 4th floor of Place Riel.
    • Student Counselling Services focuses on the emotional and mental health of students.  They are located on the 3rd floor of Place Riel and have many online resources as well as volunteer opportunities for students.
    • There is a dental clinic located in Lower Place Riel. 
    • The Student Health and Dental Plan helps to cover healthcare related costs (medical, dental, vision etc.) and is available to full-time, on-campus students.  Students must have a Saskatchewan Health card to use this coverage.
    • Disability Services for Students assist and advocate for students with medical-based disabilities and learning disabilities (both long-term and temporary).  They are located in the Administration Building and have 15-minute drop-in advising sessions on Wednesdays from 2:00pm – 4:30pm and Thursdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm.
    • You can get your hair cut at Être Belle in Lower Place Riel

    It is very important to see an academic advisor.  An advisor will help to ensure that you have all the required credits to graduate within your desired timeline. 

    Canadian school life will be different, but enjoyable. To familiarize yourself with academic practices at the U of S:

    The Saskatchewan Immigration website provides some terrific advice for people new to Saskatchewan and Canada. A local real estate agent created this video about Saskatoon that you might find helpful.

    Feel free to visit the International Student and Study Abroad Centre in Lower Place Riel.

    International Student Services

    (306) 966-4925

    Study Abroad Services

    (306) 966-4925

    International Peer Support

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