Mature students

Coming back to school a little later in life has its benefits and its detriments. You will probably have to brush up on your math, writing, study, or computer skills.

As a mature student ('Mature' admission eligibility), you have life experience on your side and probably feel more capable of maneuvering your way around your new setting than a student straight out of high school would. You're also more likely to know what it is you want to accomplish at university. At the very least you're focused on your studies.

You might have family demands, such as making sure your spouse has health coverage or getting to child care on time. Even if you don't, your time away from school has a different focus than it does for students right out of high school.

You may find studying with these responsibilities difficult, but something inspired you to come to university and that inspiration keeps you more focused on your studies and makes you more likely to know what it is you want to accomplish.

You'll probably feel isolated at first, but as you progress through your degree everyone else will get closer to you in age and interests. Your cohort will shrink as you specialize in your discipline and you will be able to find other mature (or maturing) students more easily.


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