Students from Saskatoon

As a resident of Saskatoon, you will have a leg up on all the out-of-towners. You will know all the places you like to go and things you like to do. You will probably be starting your first day of university with a few well-established friendships.

However, as one Saskatoon student stated, "My university experience was amazing...but that was not true for my first year. It was a difficult adjustment. Even though I may be from Saskatoon and still have the benefits from living at home, campus is a whole new city in itself."

You will be adjusting to university life in a way that out-of-town students won't, with the benefit (and added complication) of your parents if you don't move out. The transition from being a dependent in your parents' home to being an independent in your parents' home is a tricky one and you will need to be open and communicate with them about what they expect out of you and what you expect out of them, so that you can make allowances for new responsibilities and they can make allowances for new demands on your time.

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