Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

Students helping students learn.

At the heart of PAL - Our Peer Mentors

PAL Peer Mentors are academically strong students who take a lead role in developing and delivering learning support programs for students at the U of S. Some Peer Mentors lead course-specific study groups assigned to a select set of larger, traditionally difficult undergraduate courses, some provide support for study and learning skills by leading small-group workshops, and others work with specialized projects at the U of S. This group of students do a remarkable job at balancing their involvement within PAL at Student Learning Services, their studies, as well as sports and hobbies.

A philosophy underlying all PAL programs is to provide comfortable and safe learning environments that engage and support students in their academic pursuits.


PAL Academic Support Programs

Peer Mentors take a lead role in ...

Grad Help

Learning Communities

Library Skills

Structured Study Sessions

Study Skills

Tech Help

Undergraduate Research

Writing Help

What can I gain by becoming a peer mentor?

  • leadership training
  • a strengthened sense of campus community and connectedness
  • public speaking, mentoring and facilitation skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • insight into the world of higher education and innovative programming
  • build your resume/CV


The Mission of the PAL Program

  • offer programs, resources and services to encourage and enhance student learning at the University of Saskatchewan;
  • create opportunities for students, faculty, instructors, and staff to be involved in engaged learning within the university community and beyond;
  • help develop exceptional students, scholars, leaders, and citizens within the university community;
  • and give and receive feedback to evolve and improve the Peer Assisted Learning program, allowing it to grow and succeed within of the University of Saskatchewan.