2007-2008 PAL Peer Mentors

Stephanie M.

Senior PAL Peer Mentor. Major: Education. While not in University, Stephanie enjoys frolicking by the river and listening to David Bowie. Things Stephanie likes: Tim Horton's coffee, Soup from St. Thomas More, the bowl in summer, bubble tea without the bubbles. Fun fact: Stephanie traveled to South Africa this summer and visited elephants in an elephant sanctuary.

Heather A.

Heather is in her 5th year at the U of S. She is currently finishing her B.A. (Hons) in Psychology, completing an honours thesis in mathematical cognition under the supervision of Dr. Jamie Campbell. Heather has danced all of her life (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern...) and had the amazing opportunity to take a quick, 7-month break from school and dance for Princess Cruise Lines in 2004! Other than dance, she has a love for 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Ugly Betty' and is completely addicted to Starbucks. Heather is happy to be a part of the PAL program in its very first year! :)

Kristofor A.

I'm a second year student working on an Honours degree in Computer Science and I am very set on getting into graduate school. My role in the peer mentorship program is running structured study sessions for Computer Science 111 students which I really enjoy. I am an avid chess player, having competed all over the country, but currently I am only involved in club play. While studying, I often enjoy listening to my eclectic music collection and taking occasional breaks to have fun with friends.

Jonathan A.

Johnathan is in his third year of an honours English program, but has become ever more interested in learning languages other than English. He loves music above all, listening to an immense variety, playing guitar and bass, and going to symphonies often. He is a true believer in the healing powers of humour, praising such deities as Bill Hicks and Trey Parker. The aforementioned subject also frequents the Mendel Art Gallery and 8th Street Books and Comics regularly. You may see him.

Kyle C.

Kyle is waaaay too school for cool! He is currently in his third year of commerce majoring in accounting. Kyle is involved with the ULC as a SI Math Coach, which involves running math sessions for the Math 121 course. When he isn't busy hitting the books, Kyle keeps sane by training in mma, playing co-rec basketball, jogging his four dogs, and going out for drinks and what-not with friends.

Kim C.

Kim is a 5th-year university student who is currently in her 2nd year in the college of Law. She has a 3-year Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology. In addition to working as a PAL, Kim also plays in the university concert band, plays soccer, and holds various positions within the law college. Her current passions include Tim Hortons coffee and facebooking in the library.

Alex C.

Alex is a second-year Arts and Science student. His (current) major is Mathematics, and as a result you may see him wandering aimlessly about the Math Help Centre. When he isn't eating, Alex is likely daydreaming, skiing, or listening to the mighty CBC Radio One. One rare occasions, he engages in all four at once.

Kimmie F.

Kimmee is in her 3rd year of Electrical Engineering. She plans to go into power as a major discipline. Her passions include math, rugby and Adam Sandler. When she isn't helping out with Math she can be found helping out with any and all activities involving engineering. This is her first semester in the PAL program and she is delighted with the program so far, especially all the great new people.

Leif J.

Leif is a second-year Arts and Science student, majoring in Political Studies and English. He is just thrilled to be a part of this endeavour, and spends much of his time at the help desk, doing one-on-one counselling, and other things as well! He enjoys travelling, and has wandered around a few corners of the world, mostly aimlessly. He spends the rest of his time eating, which he is going to do as soon as this is done, which it is.

Rebekah J.

Rebekah is a second-year science student. She also has a degree in Anthropology... she has been in school for a very long time. Her other interests include hiking, climbing, really good vegetarian food and being a PAL.

Paul L.

Paul is a third-year Edwards School of Business student majoring in accounting. He spends most of his time balancing balance sheets and analyzing income statements but when he does find time to do other things, you'll most likely find him playing campus recreation sports, Halo, or listening to some good tunes. Paul also enjoys going on lengthy canoe trips throughout Canada's wilderness, snowboarding, or enjoying a few drinks with friends.

Janelle M.

Janelle is a second year arts and science student majoring in toxicology. As a part of the PAL program, she is most likely to be found at the help desk or planning and facilitating study skills workshops. Outside of school Janelle loves Starbucks, dancing,
baking,listening to music, ultimate frisbee, and going for walks!

Tanya R.

Tanya loves to be involved with campus groups and events. She is excited to be working with the Science Learning Community (SLC).

Boris R.

I am a 2nd-year biochemistry student who is currently helping out with the new Science Learning Community and having a blast! I like sports, dancing, the great outdoors, and hanging with friends. Have a great year!

Joel S.

Joel is a fourth-year student working towards an honours English degree with a minor in philosophy. When he isn't buried in scholarly readings, Joel spends his university life leading a wise and happy crew through Philosophy 110 as a Peer Mentor for the Learning Centre. Outside of the academic realm, he can be found practicing for his future as a rock God or wandering the land with a Frisbee and a hackysack - sowing the seeds of peace and joy everywhere he goes.

Brett S.

Brett is a fourth-year honours sociology student. As a peer mentor, he organizes Communication Cafe, has a weekly help desk shift, and puts together the ULC PALcast. Outside of scholarly pursuits, Brett enjoys playing squash and curling, cooking, dreaming of travelling, taking long walks on the beach, and listening to indie music. It's more than likely that you'll see him at the next show at Amigo's or Louis'. Brett is both a man and a legend.

Jessie W.

Hi, all, my name is Hangjie (Jessie). I'm currently second year in commerce, but haven't picked any major yet, haha. It seems that I'm still looking for the direction of my life. I came to Saskatoon last summer from China. Though I'm scared of challenges (e.g. public speaking in English!), I still want to make progress and communicate with great people. Nice to know all you guys.