2008-2009 PAL Peer Mentors

Tricia A.

Tricia is a student deeply invested in Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS), and so her interests are far too diverse and expansive to condense into three sentences. Some highlights include being a handy marvel woman, Records Manager, international member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and advocate of Study Abroad Programs. Someone who originates from the PAL Household, Tricia is excited to welcome you into the Communication Café.

Steve B.

Steve is an engineering physics student who loves to sing and refer to himself in the third person. Not only is he NOT Seth Green, but he has never met him, and likely never will. If you are able to "get" more than about half of his jokes, I would strongly recommend seeking psychological help, immediately.

Erin B.

Erin is a second-year psychology major. She loves travel, camping, hiking, sushi, heights, music, art, and crazy adventures with her friends, and is completely beyond help in her addictions to yoga and procrastination.

Isaac B.

My name is Isaac. I'm an English major with a passion for astronomy and education. In my spare time, my favourite activities are playing basketball, reading, writing, and socializing. I try not to take life too seriously, but at the same time, I need to challenge myself to stay focused. Someday, I hope to be a professional writer.

Christina C.

Christina is a 4th year student in the College of Arts and Science majoring in chemistry. She runs cross country and track with the U of S huskies, volunteers as a PAL, and works in the Health Sciences Library to keep herself busy. For fun, she likes to read, sing, go for walks, make fattening food, go to "old people" concerts, and read articles on www.howstuffworks.com.

Kyle C.

Kyle is waaaay too school for cool! He is involved with the ULC as a Senior Peer Mentor and also holds Structured Study Sessions for the Math 121 course. He is a fourth year Edwards School of Business student majoring in accounting. When Kyle is not balancing balance sheets and determining income figures, he enjoys several things including trying to out-jog his wiener dog, playing Co-rec basketball and volleyball, exercising, and going out with his friends for some drinks and some laughs.

Kim C.

Kim is a 6th-year university student, currently in her 3rd year at the college of Law. She has a 3-year Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology. In addition to working as a Senior PAL, Kim is involved in various University and community organizations. In her free time she enjoys catching up with friends, a good book or shopping for new shoes.


Alex C.

Alex always eats the red ones last. A second-time PAL member, Alex is back on the Math Help team. Much to his father's delight, Alex's life has Direction and Substance for the first time ever (hurray!) - ask him about it, if you enjoy being bored to tears. Alex's favourite literary device is the metaphor (although, when desperate, a simile will suffice).


Holly C.

Holly was raised in Alberta, northeast of Calgary. She is a second-year English major with plans to go into Law, Journalism, or becoming a burden on society. Her interests include people, things, and robots. Her mother is an artist who is addicted to adopting animals, and her father is a farmer who is addicted to Call of Duty, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, and Louis L'Amour. Holly has one sibling, an older sister, who works as a tattoo artist in Alberta. Holly moved to Saskatoon in 2007 to attend the U of S.


Lana D.

Lana is in her 3rd year at the U of S taking her 1st year of Pharmacy. Lana has danced (Ballet, Jazz, and Musical Theatre) and played piano all her life but now she has retired to teaching them. Other than teaching, she also plays soccer and faithfully watches "So You Think You Can Dance?" Lana is excited to be participating in the Mader Learning Community branch of the PAL program for her very first year!


Kimberly D.

My name is Kim and I am in my fourth year at the U of S. I spent my first three years in Arts and Science focusing on math and physics and now am in my first year in Education. In ULC I work with Learning Communities and really love it.

Jared E.

I am a third year student at the University of Saskatchewan. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Crime, Law, and Justice Studies. I hope to one day complete a law degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I work with the Learning Communities section in the PAL program.

Peter G.

I try to cram as much life into my time as possible, so am always up for almost any activity at any time. I'm always pumped to talk with people, so if you see me, yell, shout, scream, tackle me and let's chat. I suppose since I'm at school I am also taking Latin and French in preparation for a master's in English literature, but I often forget that. (I plan on being an institution!)

Logan G.

Logan G. is taking the long road to a degree in Computer Engineering, with the addition of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Option. As a PAL, he offers drop-in math help sessions in the College of Engineering, as well as working in the Math & Stats Help Centre. Outside of class, he plays Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and squash, and volunteers too much of his time to Engineers Without Borders. Some trivia to stump your friends: Rock Band taught him the skills necessary to transition to an actual set of drums (Carter Beauford had better watch out...)

Tom K.

Thomas is currently a third year Finance Major in the Edwards School of Business. He is the lone Economics buff in the ULC and can be found running Structured Study Sessions for the ever exciting Economics 211 course! When not trying to find equilibrium, he fills his time with trying to emulate his favorite value based capital allocators, foosball, snowboarding, coaching rugby, playing anything that involves a racquet/ paddle and homework.

Dylan K.

Dylan is a second year computer science student, and a newbie to the PAL program. He's been programming games for years, and loves passing on lessons from program "faux-pas" which led to failures of epic proportions. Likes: hanging out with friends, cooking, heavy metal, going outside, and going to different events around the city. Dislikes: people who play their music so loudly on their iPod that everyone can hear it, being hungry / tired / both, and closed-minded individuals. Fun Fact: He's learning to play bagpipes.

Paula L.

Paula is in her third year of Arts and Science, working towards a double honours in English and Psychology. She also has a diploma in Film and T.V. Production from the Toronto Film School. Paula is part of this year's awesome Communication Cafe team and is very happy to be part of the PAL program. When taking a break from her textbooks, she enjoys making and watching films, everything Korean, travel, dancing, talking, reading, shopping and hanging out with friends.


Paul L.

I am a fourth year Edwards School of Business student majoring in Accounting. This is my second year, and I’ll be taking a role as a “Senior PAL” helping out primarily with Structured Study Sessions. I also spend time working with the Accounting Club, on an Honours Project, and compete in academic case competitions. In addition to school I play campus rec hockey and football, as well as kayaking. I enjoy snowboarding and music and someday want to get into cooking.


Megan M.

This is my first year as a volunteer with the ULC, and I love it! The ULC is like a little family, which offers you so many wonderful learning opportunities, as well as opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships on campus! This is my 4th year on campus at the U of S, and I'm in my first year in the Education program. My hobbies and interests include cycling, softball, travel, photography, cooking/baking and reading, among many other things! I believe that everything happens for a reason, and having a postitive attitude and a smile takes you a long way in life! In addition, I really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends...so if you ever see me on campus, come say hello!

Victoria M.

Victoria is a second year Physics student who is (insanely) considering a double major in Mathematical Physics. She is working with a fantastic Learning Community this year, and whatever else PAL throws at her. She loves mad adventures, Monty Python, baking, dressing up, puddles, and learning to cook. Among other things.

Julia M.

Julia is a 5th year student, finishing up the last 7 classes of her B.A. (Hons) in Psychology. She is co-running one of the 5 Learning Communities this year, and is having a blast! When she’s not wandering around campus with her headphones on, she is probably out at one of Saskatoon’s many great venues listening to live music, or walking her two year-old Jack Russell Terrier. She loves green tea and is looking forward to getting married in 2010!

Alex M.

Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Role @ ULC: Structured Study Session Coach. Alex is a big fan of making plans. He always plans the parties in 6 months ahead, the routes of travelling in the next 5 years. Of course, he also plans how to improve the attendance of his study session :) He also likes all kinds of Food & Drinks, world literature, quantum & relativistic physics, meditations, playing the game of go, piano & bamboo flute (if he got time…)

Janelle M.

Janelle is a third year arts and science student majoring in toxicology. As a part of the PAL program, she is working with the McIntosch learning community on a weekly basis and is excited to be meeting so many new students in this LC. Outside of school Janelle loves dancing, Starbucks, baking, ultimate frisbee, listening to music (live or recorded!) and going for walks!

Lisa M. Lisa is a fourth-year Arts and Science student, majoring in International Studies. While having taken two years off to explore distant corners of the globe, she now hopes to begin law school in 2009. Besides volunteering at the ULC, she also enjoys horseback riding, running along the river trails with her goofy dog, and cooking almost everything imaginable.

Fay N.

Fay comes from China, a fourth-year student working towards double honors Mathematics & Economics degree, so she is most likely to be found at Math Help Center. Outside of school Fay loves Starbucks, listening to music, and hanging with friends.

Victor O.

Am in my 4th Year at U of S, majoring in Electrical Engineering. My role is running structured study session for Math, which I really enjoy. Math comes relatively easy to me, and I delight in explaining, teaching, and making it easier for other students. I have interest in a variety of sports, of which soccer takes precedence. Music and traveling are other areas of interest; concerts are cool, and Europe is always fun. I wish to see most of the major countries in the world, with a good taste of culture and traditions in each country. I enjoy hanging out with friends, having great discussions, being a little silly, and bugging friends. In general, I am adventurous and I'm a risk-taker. I am very sociable, you just need to push the right button to get me started.


Alexia P.

Lexi is a 3rd year chemistry student hoping to get into the College of Education. Her role in PAL is working with the Learning Communities, and enjoys telling goofy stories of her time here at university. She’s a small-town girl who loves Walmart, scrapbooking, napping, taking care of her plants, chocolate, and everything there is to love about living in Saskatchewan – even minus fifty weather!


Brittany R.

Brittany is in her last semester of the English Honours program. Next September she plans to begin a masters at some exotic Canadian locale. In her eight month hiatus she plans to disappear into some exciting country ... or get a job at Chapters.


Dionne W.

Victoria R.

I'm in my second year of University, going for a psychology degree. The PAL program is perfect for me because I am in the business of helping people. I am part of the PAL program by fluke, which proves my philosophy correct that nature has this way of bringing people together to accomplish wonderful things. I look forward to meeting you, whomever you are.

Danny R.

I am in my fourth year of honours degree in psychology. I am originally from Saskatoon, so I am interested in what most Saskatonians like (e.g. hockey, walking on the train bridge, complaining about the weather). I hope to one day accomplish enough that if I am again expected to write a bio for a webpage, that I'll have more things to say.

Kristin S.

Kristin is a 3rd year Arts and Science student majoring in Physiology. As part of the PAL program, Kristin works to organize and facilitate community-service learning events. Outside of her academic pursuits, she loves rocking out at concerts, travelling, yoga, drawing, and playing hackysack. Adventures with my friends are usually always on the agenda :)

Alex S.

Alex is in his 4th year in the Edwards School of Business majoring in Accounting. In the PAL program he spends his time as a Structured Study Session Coach for math 121, helping students learn everything they need to know about math. After school you can find Alex playing campus rec football and mens soccer and he enjoys going out for a night on the town, watching movies and driving to Regina for Rider games!

Lipeng W.

Hello, everyone, my name is Lipeng Wu. I am currently a third year student in Arts & Science and working on an Honours degree in Computer Science. My interests include movies, basketball, play music instruments (chinese flute and saxphone) and hanging out with friends. As a PAL Peer Mentor, you can find me in the Math and Stats Help Centre. Nice to meet all you guys.

Vladimir Y.

I have a passion for life, and getting the most experience out of it. If there is anything I'm good at, it would be grabbing hold of opportunities put forth before me. I enjoy film-making, playing instruments (accordion, piano, guitar, drums, erhu, pipa...), breakdancing, racquet sports, etc; and I don't just try them out, I push myself to excel at them, all while working towards an Anatomy/Physiology double major. I like to challenge myself, by constantly learning these new things/skills, and then eventually sharing them with the people around me. Being a BUDDY Volunteer through PAL puts me in the perfect position where I can not only share my experiences with others, but also learn from the many international students that we have walking through our doors! :) Have a look at my website if you are interested in seeing some of my "hobbies/work" (I do web design too! =P) http://homepage.usask.ca/~vay216/ .


Mengjie (Brownie) Y.

Hey, My name is Mengjie. I prefer to be called Brownie. I am a sweet girl just like my name. I am a third year Accounting student. Since I am crazy about numbers, I join the Math and Stats tutor group; help to answer students' questions from Math 121 class. I like to identify the problems, look for solutions and give alternative methods for students. Besides, I like smiling and showing my friendliness when answer the questions. Never hesitate to drop by Math and Stats Center and ask questions.