2011-2012 PAL Peer Mentors



Alexandria W.

Hailing from small town Alberta, Alexandria is currently entering into her 5th year at the U of S. She is pursuing a degree in Human Geography with a minor in Anthropology and a focus on health. She enjoys moonlit strolls along the river, cooking, baking, reading, saucy & sassy tv shows, riding her Cruiser and life. She is fun & approachable, but not funny, seriously. She loves concerts, dancing and geeking out. You should probably get to know her.

Alison W


Alison W. 

My name is Alison and I am a 4th year Agricultural Biology student.  I love cycling, reading, playing music, traveling, and just about any outdoor activity (including fishing).  When I'm finished my degree I hope to enter graduate studies in ecological toxicology or perhaps pursue education in urban agriculture and sustainable cities-- the possibilities are endless!

Allison S

Allison S.  

I am entering my second year of Arts and Science. My major is declared as Mathematics, but I’m still undecided on my long term plans. I love to spend my time reading, drawing and hanging out with friends.

Amanda K

Amanda K.  

I am a second year Arts & Science student this year and I am focusing on pre-Nutrition. I am interested in running and I completed my second half-marathon this past spring. My favorite place I have ever been to is Belgium because they have the best chocolate ever.

Amanda L


Amanda L.  

I am currently a History major with hopes of entering Education in my fourth year. I love frogs and I have a contagious laugh. Cannot wait for the 2011-2012 school year!

(Amy) Muya C

Amy C.  

My name is Muya. Preferred name is Amy. I am the 3rd year Accounting student in Edwards School of Business. I am also volunteering in Help Counter. My interest are stamps and coins collecting and basketball playing.

Ashley L

Ashley L. 

Ashley is just a small town girl living in a lonely world. She is in her fifth year of study at the U of S, but in her first year of Education after completing her B.A. in Honours English this past spring. Her likes include slushies, bunnyhugs, Harry Potter, acoustic music, pasta, the beach, shopping, horror movies, candy, two stepping, nachos, Disney, wine, sunsets, volleyball, wearing flip flops, The Big Bang Theory, ketchup chips, sarcasm video games, and cuddling with her dog. She hopes to teach high school English and History, and hopes that her endeavors as a PAL Peer Mentor will help prepare her for this experience.


Blake W

Blake W.  

Hello Everyone! My name is Blake and I’m from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. This fall, I will be starting the third year of my soil science degree in the college of Agriculture & Bioresources. When I’m not studying at the U of S, I enjoy playing sports, especially ultimate Frisbee.

Bowen W


Bowen W.

I am a student in ESB with Accounting Major. What I am interested is accounting stuffs such as financial report, etc. I am also interested in Economics. I love studying economics and I got a higher mark in economics classes. I was to be an accountant in the future.

I love cooking in my spare time. I am willing to share my experience with other in study and cooking.

Caitlynn B

Caitlynn B. 

Hey! My name is Caitlynn and I’m from Regina, Saskatchawan. I am going into my second year of university and I’m in the college of Arts and Science. I haven’t yet decided what to major in, but I’m interested in International Studies and Environmental Biology. Besides school, I love painting and have many interest in art, music and literature!

Carly H

Carly H.  

I am in my second year of Arts and Science. I will be majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology and have ambitions to purse my studies in the medical field. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. It is my first year in PAL and I am looking forward to meeting new people.

Carmelle H

Carmelle H.

My name is Carmelle and I am in 2nd year animal science. I wish to apply into the Vet Med program. My hometown is Saint-Lazare, Manitoba. I grew up on a farm and I love animals.

Catherine N

Catherine N. 

This is my final year of my undergrad, pursuing a major in English, before I apply for grad studies. I'm terribly interested in digital humanities and how technology can be applied to new areas of research. Hobbies include video games, reading, and a dangerous addiction to StumbleUpon.

Chantel D

Chantel D. 

I am a second year student who is working on getting accepted in the College of Medicine. My major is Pharmacology & Physiology. Although I have been in the university for two years this past year was my first at the U of S because I attended the U of R. My hobbies include soccer and snowboarding. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as going to the beach and watching movies.

Chaoyang C

Chaoyang C.  

I am a third year student in Civil Engineering and my hometown is Beijing, China. I really like natural science especially Math and Physics. Besides focusing on my study, I enjoy working as a volunteer and a tutor. Also, I like music and playing guitar. I am very excited to be a PAL. With my efficiency and motivation, I hope I can be an excellent one in this super cool team.

Chelsea B

Chelsea B. 

My name is Chelsea and I am a third year Sociology student and an aspiring Social Worker. My main goal in life is to help out others as much as possible which means I spend a lot of my free time volunteering at SWITCH, a student run clinic on 20th St W.

Chelsea R

Chelsea R

I am a first year pharmacy student. I spent two years in in Arts & Science exploring my options and finally picked a career. This is my second year of PAL Peer Mentoring and I am looking forward to meeting new people.


Chen C.  

My name is Chen. I am third year in accounting major. I am from China. I love to play volleyball during the spare time. I also love to be a volunteer. Helping people makes me feel happy. Beside the PAL Peer Mentor, I also volunteer in the ISSAC. You will see me a lot on campus and during the new student orientation.

Colleen S

Colleen S.  

I am currently a student attending the College of Arts and Science, pursuing a degree in Studio Art and Classical Medieval Renaissance Studies. I love reading and analyzing antique literature; poetry of Antique Greek and Roman flavours being particularly delightful to me, though I also love lyric poetry of the East composed by Sufi mystic and poets of the Indian Punjabi regions. I try to bring a balance of such distinct styles together when I gather inspiration for my artistic works; a technique which, I am please to say, is working well so far.

Colton M

Colton M.  

Hi, my name is Colton. I am from the small town of Unity. Growing up on a ranch has led me to major in Animal Science in the College of Agriculture. One thing I have learned over the years is I can BBQ a good steak.


Cristin B. 

I am in my first year of Education.  My first teaching area is Chemistry and my second is Biology.  This is my first year in the PAL Program but, I have done similar volunteer work in the past as an Executive Member of the Biology Club.  I enjoy Earl Grey Tea, Harry Potter, and spending time outdoors.

Danny S

Danny S

Danny is a soccer playing musician of sorts from Prince Albert. He is constantly dabbling in new and exciting diversions and activities. This dabbling means that his future is somewhat of a mystery, but likely lies between medicine and urban planning. You can probably find Danny in the mysterious North Wing of the library preparing for one of his atrocious number of labs while daydreaming about the music and activities he could be doing. Danny enjoys stir-fries and unexpected adventures but does not particularly like sea urchins and how dirty the city looks in spring time.

David B

David B.  

Hi, I'm a third year Kinesiology student and loving every minute of it so far. I am originally from small town Kinistino, Saskatchewan. My first University class had more students than my entire k-12 school. I enjoy hockey, running, volleyball, and just sports in general. This is my second year in the PAL program and I am looking forward to working with all the new first year students.

David M

David M.  

Hey. I am a 3rd year Kinesiology student, and so naturally I enjoy sports and most movement-related activities. My mission in life is to serve and have fun so I am always on the look out for novel, safe and service-oriented fun. I LOVE music (even a little country ), and always have it on me. You will probably find me reading (usually health and fitness related) or watching film in my spare time. This is my 1st year in the PAL program.

Dawn K

Dawn K.

My name is Dawn and I'm in my second year of Arts & Science. I plan to get a degree in Education and explore various careers after that. My favoriite colour is yellow and I love cows. I'm very excited to be a PAL Peer Mentor this year!

Derek M

Derek M.  

My name is Derek and I’m a second year student in the college of Arts and Science. I am currently going for a degree in Physiology and Pharmacology. Things I enjoy doing are scuba diving, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, and listening to music.

Devin W

Devin W.  

Hey, my name is Devin. I’m an English Drama major. I’m looking forward to interacting with new students, hoping to help them make the adjustment to University.


Ghassan H.  

Hello. This is my Third year in the PAL program. I am majoring in Biochemistry and seeking an honors degree and hope to get into medicine. I like swimming, table tennis and music and I'm learning (trying to learn actually) how to play guitar.


Hilary A.  

My name is Hilary and I’m a second year student at U of S. I’m currently in Arts and Science and my major is undeclared. I enjoy listening to music, playing sports and just hanging out with friends. Summer is my favorite season and I generally spend my summer at camp Kinasao bible camp. I enjoy working with children and people in general. I also love to travel and am heading to Japan for part of this summer.


Irena S.  

My name is Irena, and I’m a second year student majoring in International Studies in the College of Arts and Science. I love learning about politics, history, and as much as I can about our amazing world. When I’m not studying, I like playing music with friends or being outside skiing, biking and gardening.


Izuoma N.  

A friend of mine chose to remember my name as E-zu-woma; that is actually how it’s pronounced. I’m in my 2nd year at the U of S and my 1st year in Engineering (cool huh?). I prefer numbers (maths) to words (biology), but I love Economics too. Three things you’ll find me doing most times – laughing, listening to music, chatting with friends. I’m a Nigerian by birth, created by God. I love Jesus and love people irrespective of race, culture or personality.

Jamie W

Jaime W.

I am a second-year Arts and Science student. I’m from a small town in Alberta, but I’m quite fond of Saskatoon. I love to play sports and watch the Huskies play whenever I can.


Jacob Y

Jake Y.

I am going into my fourth year of philosophy, and I hope to some day go to law school. I am from Fort McMurray, Alberta, and enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and travelling. I am enjoying my studies at the U of S and hope to help others do the same.

Jasmine L

Jasmine L.  

I am starting my Master’s Degree in English after completing an English Honours degree at the U of S. this is my first year as a Peer Mentor!

Jenna W

Jenna W.  

Hey, I’m Jenna! I’m from the small town of Neilburg, SK. I grew up with a love for sports so I’m pursuing degrees in Kinesiology and Education to be a gym teacher. I like dogs, camping, hamburgers and music.

Jessica M

Jessica M.

After completeing a 3 year BA in English, Jessica started Nursing in the post degree program this May. A crazy switch, but she's loving it. Thankfully, her schedule has allowed her to be involved in PAL for a third year. In what little spare time she has, she appears in plays and hangs out with grade 7 & 8's.

Jillian K

Jillian K.  

Greetings! My name is Jillian and I am in my first year of Arts and Science. I am majoring in physics. In my free time I like to read, watch movies, and ride the bus. I’m a fairly eclectic person, but easy-going. I like meeting new people all the time. Well, that’s it. Toodles!

Joe H

Joe H.  

I am a traveler on the earth, and, also in the life. I am studying Electrical Engineering in U of S, and really proud of being an engineer in the future. Because it is a part of life journey that I design to achieve. You can see I am always trying my best to achieve my dream. If you need a drive on the way to achieve your dream, it is my pleasure to stop my Jeep and take you for a ride.

Jordan B


Jordan B.

Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm going into my fourth and final year of an Honours BA in English. This is my third year with the PAL program and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the new Peer Mentors and rocking the Study Skills one more time before convocation! 

Jordan S

Jordon S.

I am a 6th year university student with an honours degree in toxicology and pursuing a second degree in physical geography. I have an enormously large range of interests -- feel free to ask!

Jory W

Jory W.   

I grew up in a small town called Nielburg, SK and was blown away by the diversity of Saskatoon when I moved here last fall. I’ve always been interested in leadership activities (sports, SRC, volunteering, helping out at community events). I think the way I was brought up really helped me to get along with all kinds of people and I’m excited to be a PAL next year! I like drama, nature and drawing (but I’m no good at it!)

Joseph V

Joseph V.

Hi, I’m Joseph and I’m from Regina. I will be entering my second year of engineering and am working towards a degree in Electrical Engineering. I am also a member of the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team. When I’m not studying or at USST, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing soccer, football, or just ‘vegging’ out to TV or video games.


Kari S

Kari S.  

Hey my name is Kari. I’m in my second year of Arts and Sciences. In my spare time I love to dance and love to read novels.

Kaylee L

Kaylee L.

I am an ESB student working towards a triple major in Marketing, Operations and Management, and hope to obtain a Masters in Architecture after finishing my BCOMM. My outspoken Chinese personality and mad skills with numbers have put me in the role of a Peer Mentor. If I’m not curling, painting, or at a concert, I’m learning all I needs to know in life from M*A*S*H, the Golden Girls, and Seinfeld.

Kelsey T

Kelsey T.  

I’m from Saskatoon & have attended the U of S for a number of years pursuing a double honours degree in English & Political Studies. During my time at the U of S I have become involved in a number of things such as the Arts & Sciences Student’s Union, the Political Studies and Public Administration Students’ Society and the USSU.

Kelsey D

Kelsey D.  

Hi! I am a current 3rd year student working towards a sociology degree, with an interest in getting into education as well. This is my first year as a Peer Mentor, and I am very excited to be a part of the team!

Kendal W

Kendal W

I am originally from a small town in South Central Sask and now am in my 3rd year at Edwards School of Business. I enjoy playing sports and trying new activities.

Kiera H

Kiera H.   

I am Kiera from Easton, Sask. I am in my second year of University, and am enjoying my University experience! I love traveling, dancing and having fun. I believe in balance and enjoying what your doing. I love my family, friends, and new people. My favorite thing is random activities!

Kirsten Q

Kirsten Q

Hi, my name is Kirsten and I'm finishing my sociology degree this year. I'm originally from Pentiction, BC, but have loved my time in Saskatchewan so far. I enjoy country music and coaching hockey at the university.


Kyiria M. 

My name is Kyiria and I'm going into my second year here at the UofS. In my free time I like to bike the lovely paths of Saskatoon, bake and cook. My favorite thing to do during my winter vacation is to go skiing. I love to travel and love to hear other people's travel stories.

Lani P

Lani P.  

I am a third year Microbiology/ pre-vet student at the U of S. A product of rural SK (near Spalding), I enjoy being outside immensely – skidooing, quadding, hunting, swimming, snowboarding, beach volleyball… you name it! I live for the weekends, Riders, and Montreal Canadiens!

Laura C

Laura C.  

This ball of energy is always up to something. Whether she’s hanging out with friends, listening to music, taking pictures, filming, or at the university, she always has something going on! She is currently in 2nd year Pre med while working towards a major in Microbiology. She also has a great interest in physics. She caught the travel bug years ago when she travelled to Germany and spent some time in Australia as well. She hopes to see India and Greece someday soon, as well. She loves meeting new people, so feel free to come by and have a chat anytime!

Leah B

Leah B.

I'm in my last (!) year of my Religious Studies degree and in the future I am interested in taking a graduate degree in PhysicalTherapy. In my spare time I try to juggle all of my favorite activities--cooking, running, triathlons, friends, and READING. This is my second year as a PAL (after a year hiatus) and I am excited to come back and meet new people and learn a lot!


Mara S.   

Mara is is brought to you from the lovely Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is in her third year of an English degree at the University of Saskatchewan, which she is planning on topping of with a degree in Journalism from Ryerson in Toronto. When Mara doesn’t have her head buried in a book or two, you can find her buried in another book, attached to her headphones, at a concert, in the kitchen or on the stage pursing her love of dance and musical theatre. Mara cannot wait to begin her first year with the PAL program as it is sure to bring both wonderful people and wonderful adventures, two things she couldn’t imagine life without!

Margaret M

Margaret M.




Marianna K.  

I’m from Saskatoon, and have applied for Education in the fall with a Physical Education major and a Social Studies minor. I love sports and am a big history lover.


Megan A.  

I am a 4th year student majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology. This is my first year as a PAL Peer Mentor. My interests include: the human body, running, baking and I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Food Network.


Megan V.  

I am a third year student majoring in Regional and Urban Planning. I am originally from Vancouver Island and came to Saskatoon to experience winter. In between class and studying, you can find me at the PAC or having a coffee at Starbucks. This is my first year with PAL and I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my experience!


Mehrieh R.  

My name is Mehrieh and I will be in my second year in Arts and Science in the fall. I am very excited to be involved in the PAL program.


Mel S.  

I am finishing up my Kinesiology degree and going into Education. I love sports, and am very passionate about teaching others to love physical activity and obtain a healthy lifestyle!


Melanie K.  

I am a second year student in the College of Arts & Science, and a hopeful for the Colleges of Pharmacy and Nutrition or Nursing. In my spare time I love long distance running and yoga. I also love to travel with my friends and family!


Nethaniel D.  

I am a second year student in Arts and Science. I have been in constant contact with PAL mentors in Writing and Math Help Centre and I developed the interest to help other students the same way I was helped. I hope to influence other student’s academic and leadership achievements, not only by reciprocating the acknowledge and skills, but also by being a role model in leading them to realize their dreams in life.


Nicole A.  

Nicole is an Arts and Science student hoping to go into Social Work. She was inspired to be a Peer Mentor after participating in the Community Service Learning ‘Alternative Reading Week’ program in 2010. She enjoys learning music, performing Spoken Word Poetry, and hanging out in various cafes around Saskatoon.

nicole c

Nicole C.  

Hello, hello! My name is Nicole, I’m from Saskatoon, and I am so happy to be a Peer Mentor this year! I’m a political studies major and am super stoked to meet you!


Paul T.  

I am a fourth year philosophy student with hope of pursuing a education degree. I enjoy classical music, combat sports and despise essentializing individuals.


Pavlo I.

 I am starting my 4th year of university and my first year of medical school. I've been a part of the PAL program for 3 years now. This year you will find me at the PAL Desk. Don't be shy! Come by the PAL Desk to chat!


Qi Z.

 I am a third year student, majoring in Political Studies and Economics (double honoured). I spent a few years in Toronto before I ame to Saskatoon. I am particularly interested in improving relationships between people or groups from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Samantha H.  

My name is Samantha and I’m a 3rd year Nutrition student. Unfortunately, this will be my last year on campus as next year I am being sent away to complete an internship. In my spare time I like to read and play with my goofy puppy.


Sarah M.

My name is Sarah and this is my second year as a peer mentor. I will graduate in December 2011 with an honors degree in Regional & Urban Planning.  While I can’t say that I love university (at the undergraduate level), I do love academics. It combines several of my most-loved things in life: reading, writing, thinking, and learning. I will be doing a Master’s in the near future,  and I look forward to adding “researching” to that list.


Solo Z.  

I come from China and I am now a final year Finance major. I love number related topics and hope I can help people with what I am good at.


Stephanie H.

I was born in Saskatoon and have lived here all my life, so it was an easy decision to attend the U of S. This is my fifth year here; I have a B.A. in history, and am currently majoring in accounting at the Edwards School of Business. When I'm not studying I enjoy reading, watching TV, and listening to music.


Tahirih R.  

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. My name is Tahirih (pronounced Ta-hear-ah). I’m in my first year of Pharmacy. I love travelling & meeting new people. My favorite animals are alpacas, lemurs, and highland calves. I can also be bribed with ice cream. I’m as excited to be a PAL as a wizard who just got his letter to Hogwartz.


Timothy B.

I have my B.A. in History, with a minor in Philosophy. Next year I will be in my second year of Commerce at the Edwards School of Business. I love to cook and read history and philosophy books. This is my first year in the PAL program.

Veronica C

Veronica C.

I’m so excited to be apart of the PAL program again this year, working primarily with Learning Communities. I am finishing my honors degree in philosophy this year and plan on continuing my education with grad school next year. If I’m not in on campus I’m probably sleeping.


Victoria C.  

This is my 2nd year as a peer mentor and my 3rd year in UNI, currently as a English (perhaps honors) student, though my major is often subject to change (Linguistics, Geology, Geography – who knows!).  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, being outside, letting creativity flow, running and being with friends (and maybe a beer and burger, as well). Thus far, university has been an enlightening experience and I look forward to expand individual/communal consciousness further with all of you.


Victoria R.

I am a gardener by trade and an aspiring psychologist in the fall. Building communities that are both functional and beautiful is important to me as part of my goals and work. With a few years left of my psychology degree I'm taking my time to learn as much as I can through PAL, through school, through roommates and friends.


Yichen D. 

Hello! Everyone! I’m Yichen. I’m in Art and Science college and majoring in Computer Science. I like challenge and try to make progress all the time. Also, I love swimming really much. So, that’s me!