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Your study skills and strategies will evolve during your studies. The natural curiosity that comes with being a student, your desire for academic success, and the occasional stumbling block or challenge will motivate and empower you to grow as a learner.  Learning about oneself can be an exciting journey and well worth the investment!

Link to: Study Skills Tip Sheets

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Final Exams Resources, Strategies & Tips

Resource 1Create a study schedule: Have you devised a study plan and schedule for your courses? If you are interested in a strategy for planning your time, have a look at the 5 Day Study Plan. (Univ of Massachusetts Amherst)

Resource 2Feel your best, do your best: Here is a handout with some tips for staying well during finals. (Dartmouth College)

Resource 3Video clip: This short video animation has three suggestions of how to prepare for an exam and strategies for writing the exam (survey test, approach essay, and MC questions). (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Resource 4Create practice test questions: A fabulous approach that can help you prepare for exams, especially useful when studying within a group. Give the Easy Test Maker website a try in making your own final exam(s).

Resource 5Soundtrack of songs for studying: A growing body of research shows the impact of music on how we receive and store new information. The Study Music Project provides some soundtracks students have played while studying and is reporting positive results. (Musical initiative founded by Dennis Kuo, a Taiwanese American composer, music producer, and medical student).

Exam Anxiety: “Hi, my name is Megan and I experience exam anxiety.” Do you experience distress and uneasiness during the final exam season? Does the uneasiness weaken your performance? If so, you are not alone; writing exams is stressful. Have a look at the short video on exam anxiety within the ULC video resources (direct link to video in youtube) and  study skills fact sheet for tips on ways you can deal with exam anxiety.


Undergraduate Study Skills Workshops

Each term we offer a set of Study Skills Workshops on topics in study skills including topics such as Time Management, Note-taking, and Exam Preparation.  The workshops are informal and are facilitated by PAL Peer Mentors, and are offered freely to any U of S student. These workshops are designed with an undergraduate students in mind.  Sign up for a Study Skills Workshop

Link to sign up for Grad Help Workshops

Study Skills Talk-About Sessions (aka Drop-in Help)

Study Skills Talk-About Sessions provide information and resources on study skills topics which is a FREE drop-in service open to undergraduate students at the U of S. This is an especially valuable source of support for students who are unable to commit to attending one of our 50 minute study skills workshops.

Drop by one of our “Talk About Sessions” to get some advice, learn about student services on campus, and pick up resources from one of our Peer Mentors in the Study Skills Program on study skills topics such as time management, goal setting, learning styles, exam writing, procrastination, reading and note-taking.

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