Preparing for Exams

One of the most common difficulties students have when preparing for term and final exams is not having allocated enough time for studying. By spending some time planning your study strategy and keeping in mind ways to manage anxiety and time effectively, you should be able to study your course materials systematically and have enough time to cover all material. By scheduling time to write practice exams similar to the final, you can increase your confidence and reduce your exam anxiety.

  1. Get organized first
  2. Manage your time wisely
  3. Strategize to prevent problems

SLS Resources

Looking for old exams?

Visit the USSU (University of Saskatchewan Students' Union) Help Centre. The USSU maintains an exam file of over 1,000 old exams. The Help Centre is located in the tunnel joining Place Riel to the Arts Building (next to the International Student and Study Abroad Office).

Exam writing tip - What do you do when you enter the room for a final exam? 

When I enter the exam room, the first thing I try to do is find a comfortable seat. Second, I immediately write down all important facts and formulas that I've memorized (do a complete brain dump).  Being a conscientous student, I read the instructions carefully and then scan through the entire exam, paying particular attention to the marks allotted to each question. I start off by answering the easier questions first which is a great way to boost my confidence. When answering questions, I keep an eye on the relative number of marks assigned to the questions so I don't spend too much time dwelling on any one question (e.g., especially when a question is worth only a few marks). When the inevitble happens, ...I don't know the answer to a question, my best advice is to skip over the question, continue on with the rest of the exam and then come back to that question later.  When you skip over a question and continue on with the exam, there is a chance that some part of another question may provide a tip or useful information to help you answer the question you needed to skip over.