Time Management

Students who learn to manage their time effectively are more successful in their classes while still managing to enjoy a balanced life. Remember, if you study hard during your allotted study times, you can feel free to relax and enjoy yourself when you are doing other activities such as going out with your friends. In fact, in addition to scheduling your work tasks, you need to schedule some time for rest and relaxation throughout the term, or you risk "burning out" before the end of term.

The key to successful time management is planning - beginning with your vision for yourself and your purpose for coming to university. Write your goals down at the beginning of the term and review them often. They will renew your energy and enthusiasm when you're facing a lot of assignments. If you're not sure why you're here, it's good you recognize this.  Take some time to reflect on your goals, open up a conversation with your peers, and consider talking to an academic advisor or faculty member about your options.

Managing your Time

  • Create a Term Schedule  Consult the syllabi for your classes and identify important academic dates, assignment and project due dates, and dates of term exams.
  • Create a Detailed Weekly Schedule Develop a weekly for the term that contains your lecture times, study blocks, and personal time for socializing, meals, exercising and other aspects of your life.
  • Manage Your Projects Break down larger assignments into smaller steps and develop a schedule for dates of completion for each step.
  • Monitor Your Progress Maximize your effectiveness by reflecting on your progress, celebrating your success, and re-allocating your time to accomplish your academic and personal goals.



  • Are you effective at managing your time? Fill out the survey on the Time Management Tips webpage to find out where you can improve and get tips to help you out!


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