Professional Skills for Graduate Students Workshops

What makes a successful professional career?  Developing a career that is both rewarding and meaningful requires more than an academic degree. Along with strong disciplinary knowledge, employers are looking for people who are able to demonstrate a variety of professional skills, including effective communication, exceptional project management, and the ability to thrive in diverse work environments.  Professional skills help graduates succeed in their future careers.

 We offer Professional Development Workshops designed to help all graduate students prepare for their professional future.  The skills learned through these workshops are directly applicable to a wide range of careers that graduates enter, both within and outside of academia.  We divide our workshop offerings into four broad areas: Leadership and Management, Communication and Teamwork, Entrepreneurship and Career Development, and Reflection on Practice.  Sample workshop topics are provided below.

professionalskillsworkshops types

Student Learning Services also offers Grad Help workshops which are delivered by peer mentors, that is graduate students with some graduate school under their belt that volunteer to help their fellow grad students.  The workshops are on academic topics that the peer mentor has experience in. We also occasionally offer workshops by faculty and recent PhDs. These workshops are delivered from September to March. For a listing of those workshops, click here. For more programming and resources for graduate student professional skills, click here.

There are no Professional Skills for Graduate Students workshops available at this time. Please check back soon!