Writing Help

I found the writing centre the most helpful and meaningful aspect of the university. I have been numerous times, and it has enhanced my essay-writing skills."
- comment from a U of S student


SLS Writing Help in Murray 142 offers free, one-to-one instruction in academic writing, online and in person.

Drop-in hours vary by term.

Tutoring complements but does not replace writing instruction in your courses, and tutors cannot edit, proofread, or ghostwrite your essay.

Writing Help tutoringTutors can help you to
  • clarify your goals ("What am I trying to say?")
  • improve your organization and writing style ("How can I say this more effectively?")
  • learn how to outline, draft, and revise your work
  • practice the conventions of writing in your discipline
  • notice patterns of error in your writing, which will help you to focus your editing and proofreading
  • understand the rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

You may receive drop-in help twice for any given assignment, and can use the service at any stage of the writing process.

In addition to one-to-one tutoring, we offer short writing workshops on topics such as punctuation, essay structure, documentation, and graduate writing.

Help with English Language

If English is not your first language, we can offer you some information about where to get more expert help on campus; just contact the writing help coordinator at 966-2771 or liv.marken@usask.ca. You can also call the U of S Language Centre at 966-4351.

Note to Professors

To protect student confidentiality, and to encourage a positive and trusting relationship with students, we won't confirm whether a specific student has used the writing centre unless he or she gives us permission.

For large classes, we do not have the tutoring hours to help every student within a short period of time. Instead of requiring students to use writing centre services, please persuade or encourage them to seek help if they need it. We are also happy to arrange for a workshop for your students, either in class or at the Student Learning Services.  If possible, we can give your students access to a recording of the workshop, and any past workshops.