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Thank you very much for looking over my paper. . . I really appreciate the comments, and I will be sure to continue using the online Writing Help service. I am so pleased that this option is available. Keep up the fantastic work."
- comment from student user, Tricia Ashbee

Thank you very much for taking the time to critique my essay. It was really helpful. I think that this is a great service that the University is providing. I wish I had used it earlier. Thanks again for your help."
- comment from student user, Paul Duong

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What is Online Writing Help?

Online Writing Help is an email-based tutoring system FREE to any student registered at the U of S, graduate or undergraduate.

How long will it take for a reply?

You will receive your tutor's comments within 24-48 hours of your submission, but you may have to wait longer during holidays, weekends, and at the end of term. If you need a quicker response, please visit us for drop-in tutoring (hours) on the first floor of the Main Library (Murray 142). If you have immediate writing questions, peruse our site for helpful links and video clips.

What happens when I submit my work for online Writing Help?

Just as with in-person tutoring, online tutoring assigns your written submission and/or questions to a tutor who helps by answering your specific questions, or by offering you some constructive advice on how to improve your work. Tutors at Writing Help can help you

  • clarify your goals ("What am I trying to say?")
  • improve your organization and writing style ("How can I say this more effectively?")
  • learn how to outline, draft, and revise your work
  • practice the conventions of writing in your discipline
  • understand the rules of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

What are the restrictions on this service?

You must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at the U of S. Writing Help complements but does not replace writing instruction in your courses. Tutors do not edit, proofread, or ghost-write essays. You may use online or drop-in Writing Help up to twice for any given assignment. Tutors will not discuss the details of consultations (drop-in or online) with your instructors nor will they evaluate your instructor's comments or grades on a marked assignment. Finally, Writing Help does not provide instruction in English as a Second Language. Please contact the Language Centre at 966-4351.

How do I submit an assignment or question to online Writing Help?

Once you have your assignment draft and/or questions ready to submit to a tutor, simply fill out our online submission form.

Useful Links

Planning and Deadlines

Writing and Study Skills

Is English not your first language?

Would you like to work on your written and/or spoken English? There are often programs offered through ISSAC, but also check with the Language Centre for non-credit course options.  Finally, the SLS has some information for new ESL students.

Writing philosophy papers? 

The Writing Help centre, with the Department of Philosophy, hires philosophy graduate student tutors. Contact us for their hours: or 966-2771. 

You can also try these pages for more information about writing in philosophy:

 Need a Professional Editor?

Contact the Writing Help Coordinator for a list of editors for hire (not SLS employees, and not affiliated with the SLS):


Grammar and Style

Links for Faculty Teaching Writing

Video Clips

View these short, searchable video segments featuring U of S professors from various disciplines. The professors share their thoughts and advice on a range of writing topics.

View these video segments featuring Peter Stoicheff, Dean of Arts and Science. Log in with your U of S NSID.  Professor Stoicheff discusses grammar, punctuation, and essay-writing in these categorized videos.