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Candice Dahl, Liason Librarian

Library Help

What kinds of help can the library offer students who feel lost or intimidated?

The library tries, especially in the fall, to do a few things that will target specifically first-year students. There are, of course, concerns for upper-level students as well. But, for first-years, one great program is University Life 101, and the library has a research session as one of the components of the ULife curriculum, so in that session students will get a good introduction to some of the basic things they'll need to know for their first term. For those who are not registered in ULife, there are always tours offered in the fall, and those will help students get a layout of the physical structure of the library and also they'll get a short hands-on session to do a couple of things on the library's website. Those tours...the schedule should be posted on the library's website in late summer. (Those are free?) Those are absolutely free and they don't need... students don't need to pre-register, so they can just show up (at the alloted time) That's right, yep. For students who like to explore the web on their own, they can use the resources on the library's web page. There are subject pages for each area that is taught at the University, and that will help students tap into some of the online resources that are available. Some courses have specific course pages, linked from the library's website. And, there's also a 'How Do I?' section on the website. So, students are also welcome to do that exploring on their own. And, at any time they should feel free to come to talk to people at the reference desk. It's open every day and the people there are there for the express purpose of helping students get an orientation to the library and also get more advanced research help. (Right, so you're not inconveniencing those reference librarians by going up and asking them a question? That's their job.) That's precisely their job, and it's good that you mentioned that, because I know that a lot of people do think we're there for some other reason... They may not know what that reason is, and we sometimes look busy when we're reading newspapers and that sort of thing, but we really are there to answer questions and to provide help.