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Candice Dahl, Liason Librarian

Peer Review

Why is it important that articles be peer reviewed?

Peer review is one criteria in making A piece of work academic. the credentials of the author to consider, rather than having say, a journalist, write it. Professors are often more concerned that it's been written by someone with the appropriate qualifications. So, there's that concern, and, yeah, peer review is just one of those criteria. You'll find a lack of advertising in most cases and, even if there is, it's usually not glossy. [Academic Journals] look quite different than a popular magazine, because it is not made to be a money-making veture. So, you won't find them in your grocery store. Besides that, the articles will always have bibliographies, because they will have been based on research. Often they will contain some sort know...depending on what field it's in, there might be some sort of data or research presented there.