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Candice Dahl, Liason Librarian

Research Paper

How do I get a research paper started?

When you have the research paper, oftentimes students will be given a lot of parameters, and faculty members [professors] will have specific needs. They will want students to use books or journal articles or a combination. So, students have to first get a handle on what they need, and, if they're not sure of that they can talk to their faculty member, of course, who has given them the assignment, or if they bring the assignment with them to the library at the reference desk (we can help with that as well). Once we know what the specific needs are, and we'll conduct a bit of an interview to try and determine those needs, then we can steer students in the right direction. If students aren't comfortable determining what they need without even coming in to talk to us, they're welcome to start right on the library's website. The things to keep in mind, I suppose, most commonly, are that if you need to find books in our library, the place to go is the catalogue. If you need journal articles, the place to start is either the journal articles link, or the subject page [on the library website]. And the subject page is handy just because it will pull together links for journal databases, for specific online books, and other sorts of research assistance. So, depending on the level of knowledge that the student comes into this with, I would suggest starting with the subject page or coming in to talk to a librarian at the reference desk, right near the beginning.