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Gary Bortolotti, Biology Faculty

Good Paper

What are the elements of a good scientific paper?

I think, a good organization, you know. I think, and again it doesn't really matter what discipline you're in, if you're trying to communicate a point, you've got to have an idea, and you've got to focus on that idea, and you've got to lead that reader down a certain path in a convincing manner - one that anybody could read that and understand it ... and not question what you did. And that's important. If people are going, "well, where did they do this work? or what did they..." If it's not there... I think one of the problems is that when you're especially a grad student or you've been working on something for a long, long time, you can be too close to the material, and, things that may seem obvious to you, you know, it would be nice to see something about that. And, people think, "Well, isn't that obvious?" No, no it's not. So, being...stepping back a little bit and looking at it.