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Candice Dahl, Liason Librarian


Can the library help students with documentation?

The library has the resources for these documentation styles, and behind the reference desk in the main library, we have APA guides MLA, Chicago, Turabian, some of the major ones... and, on our website we have a collection of links to online style guides, which are a little less detailed, but for an average paper might be adequate. So what we do, is we can connect students to the resources that they will need to follow, and we will even try to help people find the examples that they need, so that they're at least looking at the right page. What we can't do is provide interpretation, advice, or say things such as, 'Yes, that will be right. I'm sure your professor will think that that's adequate.' We don't want to go that far, just because we will not be grading the papers, but we are very happy to connect students to the resources that they can use and interpret on their own.