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Gordon DesBrisay, History Faculty

Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves when marking essays?

I can't...You know... I don't have too many. I enjoy reading essays and I don't mind reading bad essays, if somebody's made an honest effort. The one peeve I have would be people that don't. You know...contractual obligations: "Guy asked me for an essay; [I] gave him an essay." If it's self-evidently not an honest effort, you ask for eight to ten pages and you get five, or it's quadruple spaced and with five inch margins, or in a 15 [point] font, (these kind of cheap tricks to make it look bigger than it is), or it has no notes when you've clearly asked for notes, or it isn't...doesnt' really... Stuff like that bothers me, because it's kind of insulting. We appreciate those people giving us money in return for nothing except a failing grade. We appreciate their donation to the University. I like to think that everybody is going to make an honest effort, If that happens, then I like all the essays.