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Gordon DesBrisay, History Faculty

Supervisor Relationship

How does a Graduate student maintain a good relationship with his or her supervisor?

I think for the most part the people who've asked me to... the people I've supervised have overwhelmingly stayed on my right side. I've liked them all and it's been great fun. I can't speak for how...what it was like for them or how they...whatever strategies they had for keeping me happy. As a Grad student, I was sort of locally famous for my appauling inability to get along with supervisors and part of it, I like to think, was because they were uniquely difficult characters, but it was also... It also stemmed from my unwillingness to let something go until I thought it was perfect. One way is to trust the supervisor, mutual trust. Follow their advice but also stand up for yourself when you think that you've got a better idea or that's not the way you want to go, or your not capable of it or comfortable with it or it would take to long, it doesnt' fit with other things going on. Keep the line of communications going and try to keep it cool, whatever happens. The sad truth is that they can survive losing their temper with you, but you probably can't survive losing your temper with them. I'm not here to... I learned that lesson the hard way, so just keep it cool. and if they're unprofessional then you take the high road. Hope everybody decent. It usually works out.