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Ron Cooley, English Faculty

Grad Thesis Proposal

I'm working on my graduate thesis proposal. What advice can Professor Cooley give me?

"Don't be afraid to get advice" is the best advice. Sit down with your supervisor, ask for specific direction, take specific direction, [and] do what, try what, people suggest. Don't let it be an isolating experience. This is more of a problem in English... than in lab-based disciplines where you're probably seeing your supervisor face-to-face on a day-to-day basis. So you really need to be willing, as undergraduate students are, to not get isolated, to communicate, and to try things that people suggest to you. Most of the time, graduate supervisors don't want to push students too hard in a particular direction because graduate students value their independence, but they're more than happy to be quite directive if students indicate that they want that. [To] a graduate student who is struggling with a thesis proposal or chapter draft or whatever, ask for advice, and when you get it, try what's suggested, and see if it works. That's probably the biggest suggestion.