Current Issue

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016-2017 Best Paper Prizes:

Cassy Appelt’s paper on hominin evolution is a wonderful example of a review paper in the sciences. It gives an impressive coverage of the literature and weaves together evidence from several areas of research in hominin evolution to explain why and how modern humans evolved the traits we did. The judges commend the author for being able to write about a highly technical topic in a readable, relevant style. Katelyn Jones’ paper on environmental constitutionalism takes a stand by making a strong case for the right to a healthy environment. The judges think this is an important paper with potential to have real-world impact. It is written in a clear, engaging style with current examples to provide context and relevance to the topic. The judges could see both of these papers as fitting in to the professional literature in their disciplines.​

Past Issues


Linking General Internal Medicine Residency Training to Human Resource Needs and Roles in a Changing Health Landscape
Lindsey Anderson, Heather A. Ward, Sharon E. Card

Men’s Construction of Media Impact on Male Body Image in the Context of Heterosexual Romantic Relationships
Meaghan Beck Baker, Kurtis John Allen, Qingqi Thomas Qiao

Do squirrels in human disturbed areas become habituated to humans? A measure of flight initiation distance across disturbance gradients
Megan D Bjordal

Western Canadian Identity and the American “Other”
Alex Deighton

The Cult of Quality: White Eugenics and Black Responses in the United States, 1900-1934
Matthew Aron Ginther

The Safety of Aspartame
Nadia Makar Abdel Messih