Field Service

The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre's Equine Field Service offers on-farm primary and emergency patient care as well as preventive health care programs to horses within the Saskatoon area. 

The Equine Field Service offers a range of health services: 

  • an Equine Wellness Program (physical examinations, vaccinations, teeth floating, fecal egg counts and targeted deworming)
  • nutrition
  • behaviour consultation
  • dentistry (PowerFloat™, cap removal and wolf tooth removal)
  • lameness exams (digital radiography and limb ultrasonography)
  • pre-purchase examinations
  • airway endoscopy (standing and overground)
  • gastroscopy
  • complete reproductive services
  • foal care (snap testing and foal's first examination)
  • geriatric horse care
  • castrations and minor surgeries
  • sport horse medicine (including targeted joint injections)
  • Game Ready™ therapy
  • acupuncture
  • emergency care (colics and wound care)