The WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre provides a range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures for horses.

Surgical services include minimally invasive surgery, reconstructive surgery, oncologic surgery, laparoscopic and thorascopic surgery.

Our clinical team includes board-certified large animal surgeons whose clinical, teaching and research activities focus on equine health.

Their work is supported by registered veterinary technologists who have extensive experience working with equine patients.

Surgical procedures

The VMC's large animal surgical team performs a variety of elective surgeries and evaluative examinations including:

  • castrations
  • tooth extractions
  • pre-purchase examinations
  • lameness examinations

More urgent cases may require hospitalization and additional diagnostic testing at the Large Animal Clinic. More complex surgical procedures include:

  • surgical colic procedures
  • extensive wound care
  • upper airway surgery
  • caesarean sections
  • fracture repair