Disease Investigations

The WCVM Disease Investigation Unit (DIU) supports private veterinary practitioners in addressing complex and unusual animal health situations.

It also enables the livestock industry to respond early and to reduce the economic impact of possible foreign animal disease incursions, emerging livestock disease or food safety crises.

Members of the veterinary college’s DIU regularly work with local veterinarians — the front line of disease surveillance — to investigate puzzling health issues at farms across Saskatchewan. WCVM faculty and students will travel to an affected farm, but in most cases, they rely on local practitioners to collect diagnostic samples and communicate with producers.

The DIU is a partnership between the WCVM and Saskatchewan Agriculture that has operated as a vital disease surveillance tool in the province for more than 20 years.

For more information, please contact the WCVM Large Animal Clinic reception desk at 306-966-7178 or email Dr. John Campbell, co-ordinator of the WCVM's DIU.