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    Strategic deworming key to parasite control

    By Hayley Kosolofski  More »

    Owner helps Jack get back on track

    It was early June 2013 and high school student Morgan Ashdown was looking forward to summer vacation. She planned to spend it out at the barn with her quarter horse, Under the Lethalimit, kn  More »

    Cow-calf study uncovers key health trends

    What does two years of data from a comprehensive cow-calf survey of Western Canada look like?  More »

    Diagnosing equine skin diseases

    If you have ever owned a horse with a skin disease, you know from experience that these conditions are frustrating to manage — diagnosing them can be difficult and their treatment is tediou  More »

    Dental surgery fetches pain relief for Ben

    When Dr. Erinn Hilberry first met Ben, the blind border collie was shy and withdrawn as he lay on the floor with his head down.  More »

    WCVM teaching hospital's humble roots

    As Western Canada’s new veterinary college came to life in the mid-1960s, a critical consideration was ensuring that future veterinary students had exposure to hands-on clinical experience with   More »

    Fund helps to relieve therapy cat's pain

    Since Clijsters and her feline partner Stosur have come to live at Mark and Karlinda Weiderick’s home near Outlook, Sask., the two young cats have transformed the life of the couple’s nine  More »

    Brain tumour study depends on dogs

    A University of Saskatchewan cancer research study gives new meaning to dogs being “man’s best friend.”  More »

    Understanding horse insurance

    Although many horses in Western Canada have high performance, breeding and emotional value in the eyes of their owners, few of the animals are covered under an equine insurance policy.  More »

    Clifford the horse beats colitis challenge

    When Kylie Couture went out one snowy December morning on her family’s Debden-area acreage, Clifford — her 17-year-old Morgan cross gelding — didn’t come in for breakfast.  More »