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    Dr. Murray Woodbury

    Herd health, associate professor

    • Phone Number  Large Animal Clinic 306-966-7178


    Dr. Murray Woodbury is the current Canada-Saskatchewan Agri-Food Innovation Fund Research Chair of the Specialized Livestock Research and Development Program at WCVM. He received his DVM from WCVM in 1974, an MSc in Population Medicine from Ontario Veterinary College in 1988, and an MSc from WCVM in 1995. The subject of the latest degree was the inervation and growth of elk antler, and he maintains an interest in the subject of antlers and their purported medicinal properties. 

    His duties as Chair are to co-ordinate and perform basic and applied research into the determinants of disease and health in specialized livestock, mainly bison, deer and elk. He is enthusiastic about opportunities for conveying existing and new information to producers, veterinarians, and other researchers. Dr. Woodbury believes in success through partnership and cooperation and welcomes opportunities for collaborative research with private individuals, producer associations or other research organizations.

    Please visit the WCVM Specialized Livestock Research Program website for veterinary-oriented information about bison, elk and deer.

    Prior to joining WCVM faculty in 1988, Dr. Woodbury was the managing director of Woodbury Training and Consulting in Winnipeg. In addition to performing clinical consulting activities, he was an instructor in the Animal Health Technology Program at Red River Community College, and worked at the development and delivery of educational material for courses, lectures, and seminars in veterinary medicine and computer software support. He is the editor of the Chemical Immobilization of Wildlife Manual published by the Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians, and the past president of that organization.

    Please visit the Canadian Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians website for more information.

    Research Interests

    Dr. Woodbury is interested in basic and applied research into the determinants of disease and health in specialized livestock including bison, deer and elk.

    Academic Credentials

    • DVM, WCVM, University of Saskatchewan
    • MSc, OVC, University of Guelph (Epidemiology)
    • MSc, WCVM, University of Saskatchewan (Specialized Livestock)