Radiation Oncology

linear acceleratorIf your pet has been diagnosed with a type of cancer that can be treated with radiation, your family veterinarian may refer you to the WCVM Veterinary Medical Centre's radiation oncology service for a consultation with a veterinary radiation oncologist — a veterinarian who specializes in treating patients with radiation therapy.

Your radiation oncologist and radiation therapist will discuss the details of your pet’s cancer with you, the role of radiation therapy in your pet’s overall treatment plan and what to expect from your pet’s treatment.

Information for New Clients

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What is a veterinary radiation oncologist?

An American College of Veterinary Radiolology (ACVR) board-certified veterinary radiation oncologist specializes in the treatment of cancer patients, using radiation as the main modality of treatment as opposed to a medical oncologist who uses chemotherapy as the preferred modality of treatment.

Radiation oncologists work closely with other specialists such as surgical oncologists, other surgeons, internal medicine sub-specialists and medical oncologists. They may also rely on the expertise of medical physicists and dosimetrists.

Information for pet owners

calico-cat-taxiPatient information was reproduced with permission from materials kindly provided by the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO).

Having your pet diagnosed with cancer can bring on a flood of feelings and concerns. Learning as much as possible about the disease and treatment options can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, as you make decisions and prepare for treatment, it will help to learn as much as possible about what your pet may experience.

The following link provides information for people who are exploring radiation therapy as a treatment option for their pet. Radiation, alone or in combination with other cancer treatments, can be used to successfully treat many different types of cancer. Modern technology allows veterinary radiation oncologists to treat tumours more powerfully and precisely while sparing much of the healthy tissue that surrounds the tumour.

Remember, your pet’s radiation treatment team and your family veterinarian are the best people to make recommendations and answer questions about your specific problems.

Information for referral veterinarians

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To book a consultation, please call the Small Animal Clinic at 306-966-7126.

Foster program

Our foster volunteer program matches our out-of-town patients with short-term, loving homes while they are undergoing treatment. Our foster volunteers generously donate their time and love to support patients through a difficult time.

If you are interested in having foster care for your pet while he or she is in Saskatoon, please talk to us at the time of your consultation.

If you are interested in becoming a foster care parent, please download, complete and submit the foster profile form to pet.radtherapy@usask.ca.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers.
Our patients

The clinical team at the WCVM's pet radiation therapy centre has treated hundreds of pets from across Western Canada. Our staff members often take photographs of patients to update their owners — plus the photos remind us of all the wonderful, unique pets that we have cared for over the years.