Staff and Organizational Structure

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Management Team

Ivan Muzychka, Associate Vice-President of Communications
(306) 966-1472
Kent Hartshorn, Executive Director of Development
(306) 966-2221
Melana Soroka, Director of Alumni Relations
(306) 966-1247
Candace Wasacase-Lafferty, Director of Aboriginal Initiatives
(306) 978-8555
Andrew Dunlop, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach
(306) 966-6690
Joan Greyeyes, Director of First Nations and Metis Engagement
(306) 978-8557

Administrative Team

Anne Marie Stohl, Resource Officer
(306) 966-1836
Ginny Cherepacha, Team Lead, Program Support
(306) 966-1388
Cara Cowen, Clerical Assistant, Managerial Support
(306) 966-5755
Tina Elliott, Clerical Assistant, Program Support
(306) 966-3269
Cynthia Hiebert, Clerical Assistant
(306) 966-7672
Georgina Korte, Team Lead, Systems Support
(306) 966-5173
Dayna Lozowchuk, Clerical Assistant, Events Support
(306) 966-5600
Christina MacLean, Administrative Coordinator
(306) 966-5196
Lynn Melo, Clerical Assistant, Managerial Support
(306) 966-8296
Gayla Moger, Clerical Assistant, Systems Support
(306) 966-5169
Coreen Morrison-Fritz , Team Lead, Accounting Support
(306) 966-8197
June O'Connor, Clerical Assistant, Managerial support
(306) 966-8995
Jean Oakley, Team Lead, Gift Processing Support
(306) 966-5195
Miranda Peters (leave), Clerical Assistant, Gift Processing and Accounting
(306) 966-2413
Jody Wick, Clerical Assistant, System support
(306) 966-5601

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations provides leadership for alumni engagement strategies, programs and services to strengthen the relationship with University of Saskatchewan alumni.  We engage our alumni through a variety of communications, events, volunteerism, affinity programs, group benefits and recognition programs.  The Alumni Relations Office serves as the corporate home for the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association, a not-for-profit agency representing over 138,000 alumni worldwide.

Melana Soroka, Director of Alumni Relations
(306) 966-1247
Kris Brown, Associate Director, Alumni Business and Partnerships
(306) 966-7636
Heather Dawson, Events Coordinator
(306) 966-5953
Christine Epp, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
(306) 966-1317
Meagan Mann, Events Coordinator
(306) 966-2501
Dawn Warren, Alumni Relations Consultant, Affinity Programs & Partnerships
(306) 966-4070
Margot Weiner, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
(306) 966-8674

University Communications

University Communications is responsible for enhancing and protecting our university's reputation. The goal of our team is to encourage key partners to invest their time and resources with the University of Saskatchewan so our university can become one of the most distinguished universities in Canada and the world. We accomplish this by increasing profile of the University of Saskatchewan with important audiences, as well as building and managing the U of S brand in a manner that reflects our unique positioning strategy. We work with university partners to develop and deploy strategic marketing and communications, which include: media relations, advertising, strategic plan development, online communications, public relations, internal communications (such as On Campus News) and much more.

Ivan Muzychka, Associate Vice-President of Communications
(306) 966-1472
Kate Blau, Communications Officer, College of Engineering
(306) 966-7924
Jennifer Boyle, Director, Strategic and College Communications
(306) 966-6204
Malary Cloke, Publications Officer, Communications
(306) 966-2213
Jeff Drake, Manager, Communications Services
(306) 966-6614
Jessica Elfar (on leave), Development Communications Specialist
(306) 966-2718
Kris Foster, News Editor
(306) 966-1806
Kira Glasscock, Communications Co-ordinator, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
(306) 966-6873
Meagan Hinther, Communications Specialist, School of Enviro & Sustainability
(306) 966-1019
Laura Herman, Communications Officer, College of Medicine
(306) 966-6059
Brian Kachur, Creative Services Specialist, Communications
(306) 966-4490
Myrna MacDonald, Communications Officer, WCVM
(306) 225-4479
Christy Miller, Director, Alumni and Development Communications
(306) 966-8917
Tina Murdock, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice-President, Communications
(306) 966-1473
Teri Parkhurst, Marketing Strategist
(306) 966-5659
Lesley Porter, Communications Coordinator, Health Sciences
(306) 966-6077
Chris Putnam (term), Communications Officer, College of Arts and Science
(306) 966-1982
Michael Robin, Research Communications Specialist
(306) 966-1425
Andy Sargent, Social Media Specialist
(306) 966-2082
Erica Schindel, Communications & Marketing Specialist, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
(306) 966-2663
Sharon Scott, Director of Internal Communications
(306) 966-2405
Debora Senger, Communications & Alumni Relations Officer, College of Law
(306) 966-1062
James Shewaga, Media Relations Specialist
(306) 966-1851
Lori Verishagen, Graphic Designer
(306) 966-8702
Pierre Wilkinson, Graphic Designer
(306) 966-8707


Development's role is to encourage and obtain philanthropic support for the University. The office works in partnership with academic and development colleagues throughout the University to build enduring relationships not only with our community of alumni, but also with other individuals, private business, and foundations. This is accomplished through a combination of resources embedded in the colleges and units and/or support from central programs: Annual Giving, Planned Giving, Corporate Relations, Principal Giving, and Major Gifts.

Kent Hartshorn, Executive Director of Development
(306) 966-2221
Rishi Behari, Campus Community Giving Officer, Program Manager, Annual Giving
(306) 966-3280
Heather Braun, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director, Development
(306) 966-8684
Megan Cantwell, Major Gifts Officer, Law
(306) 966-5898
Andy Collin, Major Gifts Officer, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
(306) 966-5823
Bev Cooper, Associate Director, Planned Giving
(306) 966-2416
Vicki Corbin, Development Officer, Planned Giving
(306) 966-6571
Sandra Duarte, Donor Relations Officer
(306) 966-8467
Andrea Hala, Development Officer, College of Medicine
(306) 966-1786
Chris Jacobson (on leave), Major Gifts Officer, Corporate Relations
(306) 966-5585
James Perkins, Major Gifts Officer, College of Engineering
(306) 966-1884
Jan Kalinowski, Development Officer, Leadership Giving, Edwards
(306) 966-5437
Namarta Kochar, Development Officer, Leadership Giving
(306) 966-2402
Jeff Korte, Student Calling Program Coordinator
(306) 966-6985
Sandra Lazar, Associate Director, Annual Giving Programs
(306) 966-7910
Robin Lumsdon, Major Gifts Officer, College of Medicine
(306) 966-5763
Melissa Mann, Planned Giving Officer
(306) 966-5175
Jennifer Molloy, Director of College Development, WCVM
(306) 966-7450
Trina Mortson (term), Planned Giving Officer
(306) 966-2116
Anna Pacik, College Relations Officer, College of Nursing
(306) 966-1399
Colleen Rempel, Annual Giving Co-ordinator
(306) 966-2394
Stacey Schewaga, Leadership Giving & Donor Relations Officer, College of Dentistry
(306) 966-4001
Gail Shivak, Presidential Development Officer
(306) 966-2600
Hamish Tulloch, Development Officer, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
(306) 966-8893
Shirley Zhou, Major Gifts Officer, Institutional Priorities
(306) 966-7517

Office of First Nations & Métis Engagement

The Office of First Nation & Metis Engagement provides leadership in promoting, developing and enhancing institutional strengths in Aboriginal outreach and engagement. Our role to is develop strategies and provide input on the attainability of the vision of the university, to develop the relationships and partnerships necessary to support the plan and to oversee the implementation of the university’s strategies with campus partners.

Candace Wasacase-Lafferty, Director of Aboriginal Initiatives
(306) 978-8555
Robert (Bob) Badger, Cultural Coordinator, Office of First Nation and Métis Engagement
(306) 966-2924
Joan Greyeyes, Director of First Nations and Metis Engagement
(306) 978-8557
Jordan Sherbino, Special Projects Officer, Aboriginal Initiatives
(306) 966-7329

Community Engagement and Outreach

Andrew Dunlop, Director of Community Engagement and Outreach
(306) 966-6690
Lisa Erickson, Manager, Community Outreach and Engagement, Station 20W
(306) 966-1780
Osemis (Don) Isbister-Bear, Clerical Assistant, Community Engagement and Outreach, Station 20W
(306) 966-1313
Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, Convener, Engaged Scholar Journal
(306) 966-2665
Penelope Sanz, Managing Assistant, Engaged Scholar Journal
(306) 966-2665

Office of the VP Advancement and Community Engagement

Mandy Elash (term), Executive Assistant, Office of the VP ACE
(306) 966-1602

Finance and Trust

Finance & Trusts role is to provide both trust advisory services as well as all charitable gift  receipts for the University of Saskatchewan. We are responsible for recommending for Board of Governors approval   the acceptance of gifts as well as the establishment of new trusts and revisions to existing trusts as appropriate. We also provide advice to University of Saskatchewan entities on issues relating charitable gifts, ensuring compliance with the Canadian Income Tax Act and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Jim Traves, Director of Finance & Trusts
(306) 966-1863
Shandi Boser, Trust, Planning and Assessment Analyst
(306) 966-7834

Advancement Services

Advancement Services role is to provide support to the alumni relations, communications, development and outreach activities of Advancement and Community Engagement and the University by the provision and management of an integrated alumni and donor relationship management system, web development and research and data services.

Terry Burton, Prospect Researcher
(306) 966-8252
Jody Coller, Programmer Analyst, ICT
(306) 966-5520
Rob Grosse, ICT Computer Support
(306) 966-5599
Dean Hall, Advancement Research Analyst
(306) 966-1926
James Johannesson, Reports Analyst
(306) 966-5098
Pam Johnson, Business Analyst
(306) 966-5589
Zehra Rizvi, Prospect Researcher
(306) 966-2437
Katelyn Sarvas, Programmer/Analyst
(306) 966-1928