Resignation & Other Terminations

  1. Resignations

    For employees in-scope of the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (USFA), the period of notice to the employer and permissible dates for resignation are described in Article 23 of the Collective Agreement between the University of Saskatchewan and the USFA. Similar requirements should apply for faculty out-of-scope of the USFA.


    1. The staff member must submit to the dean a letter stating an intent to resign and the effective date proposed for the resignation.
    2. The dean accepts and confirms a resignation by sending a letter to the employee. This confirmation letter must state the specific date on which the resignation is to be effective. Copies of the dean’s confirmation letter with a copy of the employee’s letter of resignation shall be sent to the provost and vice-president academic, the department head, and the Human Resources Division.
    3. The Human Resources Division will advise the employee of termination procedures and will notify payroll, benefits, research accounts, the Parking Office, Employee and Student Accounts, the library, Bookstore, Computing Services and University Club that the employee has resigned.
  2. Terminations for Other Reasons

    Terminations for reasons other than resignation or expiry of a term appointment are authorized by the president’s office with notification to the dean of the action taken.


    1. The president’s office will advise the dean, the provost and vice-president academic, Board of Governors and Human Resources Division of the action taken.
    2. The Human Resources Division will notify the various offices listed in Section A(b) that employment has been terminated.
  3. Vacation Entitlement

    Academic staff are expected to use their vacation entitlement prior to resignation or retirement. Normally, payment will not be made in lieu of unused vacation time. Any exception must be approved in advance by the provost and vice-president academic.

    Procedure: The dean shall obtain approval of the provost and vice-president academic before authorizing an exception to this policy. The funds for such a payment must come from college resources.