C.V. Information

Information for update of curriculum vitae

Each year all faculty members are required to update their curriculum vitae. Although you may not be going forward for tenure, promotion, or being recommended for a merit increase, it is necessary to submit an updated CV using Forms 1 and 2.

The university’s transition to a new standardized CV format:

Based on feedback received in one-on-one consultations since the beginning of this transition, a number of changes have been completed. As of September 2018, the office of the vice provost, faculty relations and the UnivRS team moved into the final stages of transferring to the revised U of S Standardized CV format in UnivRS.

In August and September 2018, a final call went out for transitional support through UnivRS for faculty who wanted to have the UnivRS team transfer their CV into the new format. The deadline for this was September 30, 2018. Faculty who did not submit their CV to UnivRS before this deadline will be required to transfer their own CV to the new format by the deadline of July 1, 2020.

Please note that faculty are not required to use the revised U of S Standardized CV format or the revised Forms 1 and 2 until July 1, 2020. Faculty have the option to use the old U of S Standardized CV format until then but are encouraged to adopt the new format as soon as possible.

Please see the memo from Dr. Jim Germida to all faculty, regarding the status of this transition, as of September 2018 here.

Information and Guidelines:

Revised Guidelines for the preparation of a Standardized C.V. (PDF)

Current Guidelines for the preparation of a standardized C.V.  (Word | PDF)

Current Standardized C.V. vs. Revised Standardized C.V. (side-by-side comparison)


Revised Form 1: New Items (Items not previously reported) and

Revised Form 2: Revision of items previously reported (Word PDF)

Current Form 1: New items (Items not previously reported) and

Current Form 2: revision of items previously reported (Word | PDF)

For more information, please see the UnivRS FAQ webpage