Leave without pay

A leave of absence without pay may be granted an employee to provide professional assistance to an outside agency or for other reasons provided that the employee's duties can be performed satisfactorily, and that all the Employer's contractual obligations relating to the employee can be met.  Such leave of absence shall be reviewed annually and shall not normally be given for more than three consecutive years.

Applications for leave without pay shall be made no later than six calendar months before the date on which the intended leave is to begin. 

Please note Article 21.4 in the Faculty Association Collective Agreement 2014-2017.

To apply for a leave of absence, employees will login to PAWS, navigate to "Employee", "My Employment", and select "Leave of Absence Application". Instructions to assist employees with the leave application can be found by selecting the small question mark on the page or by navigating to the Human Resources website.

Please note that once the necessary information has been entered into this online form, the employee is required to download, print, sign the form, and then submit to their department and/or dean who signs it and forwards it to the vice-provost, faculty relations office. The vice-provost, faculty relations signs/approves the leave form and prepares a letter to faculty member and emails letter and approved leave form to department head, dean and faculty member, copied to human resources. The department/college submits Electronic Job Submission (EJS) to human resources with approved leave form and vice-provost's letter attached.