Educational Leave

Educational Leave is intended to assist employees in completing post-graduate work, or to undertake courses of study for the purpose of enhancing their ability to perform their duties, increasing their professional flexibility, or allowing them to be considered for alternative positions in the university.

Educational leave may be granted for a period of from three months to one year. Upon reapplication the leave may be extended up to a further twelve months. If educational leave is granted for the purpose of pursing an advanced degree, the leave may be extended for up to twelve additional months.

An employee who is granted an educational leave shall be entitled to an educational leave grant of $12,500 for a 12-month leave. Grants for shorter leaves may be pro-rated.

Applications for educational leave musy be submitted to the provost and vice-president academic no late than six calendar months before the date on which the intended leave is to begin.

Please note Article 21.6 in the Faculty Association Collective Agreement 2014-2017.