Parental Leave

An employee who is pregnant and who declares in writing to be the primary caregiver, or an employee who declares in writing to be the primary care giver of a new born or adopted child, and who holds an appointment that is probationary, with tenure, with continuing status, or without term is entitled to leave of 52 weeks. An employee who holds an appointment for a limited term and has been employed by the university for one year preceding the anticipated birth or custody or a child is entitled to leave of 52 weeks or until the end of her/his appointment, whichever occurs earlier.

The leave will commence at any time, at the employee's discretion, within the period that starts eight weeks before the estimated or actual date of birth or custody, and ends 52 weeks after the actual date of birth or custody and shall be of uninterrupted duration. The leave must be completed within 52 weeks of the birth or adoption of the child. Employees may schedule their annual vacation as part of, or as extension of, their leave entitlement.

Please note Article 21.7 in the Faculty Association Collective Agreement 2014-2017.

To apply for parental leave, employees will login to PAWS, navigate to "Employee", "My Employment", and select "Leave of Absence Application". Instructions to assist employees with the leave application can be found by selecting the small question mark on the page or by navigating to the Human Resources website.

Please note that once the necessary information has been entered into this online form, the employee is required to download, print, sign the form, and then submit to their department and/or dean who signs it and forwards it to the vice-provost, faculty relations office. The vice-provost, faculty relations signs/approves the leave form and prepares a letter to faculty member and emails letter and approved leave form to department head, dean and faculty member, copied to human resources. The department/college submits Electronic Job Submission (EJS) to human resources with approved leave form and vice-provost's letter attached.