University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program


The University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program will assist the university in retaining world class faculty with research and scholarship focused within one of the university’s signature areas, who have made significant contributions to their field at a national and international level, and who may be at risk to accept a job offer from another institution.   

The work of a chair will be directed toward research and scholarship in one of the following signature areas: Aboriginal Peoples: Engagement and Scholarship; Agriculture: Food and Bioproducts for a Sustainable Future; Energy and Mineral Resources: Technology and Public Policy for a Sustainable Environment; One Health: Solutions at    the Animal-Human-Environment Interface; Synchrotron Sciences: Innovation in Health, Environment and Advanced Technologies, or Water Security: Stewardship of the World's Freshwater Resources.

Source and Amount of Funding:

The University of Saskatchewan Chairs Program Trust and the Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund support the University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program.

The enhancement chairs receive the following support annually:

  • Research support     $20,000
  • Chair stipend            $10,000
  • Graduate stipend     $20,000

A nominating college/unit is expected to provide matching Graduate stipend funds of  $20,000 annually. 


Chair holders will be tenured or tenure track faculty appointments in an academic unit of the university.  The award of the chair will not affect the academic appointment and upon conclusion of the chair award the faculty member will return to full time duties in the unit.

Nomination Process:

The Dean/Executive Director of the academic home of the proposed chair must nominate the candidate. Nominations must include up-to-date curriculum vitae, a brief assessment of the nominee’s research record, including a rational for the appointment and how it will contribute to one of the university’s signature area, along with three letters of recommendation, one of which should be external to the university. 

Selection of chairs will be by the Canada Research Chair (CRC) Oversight Committee, which is composed of the Provost and Vice-President Academic, and the Vice-President Research. 

Chair holder Responsibilities:

As an in-­scope faculty member, assigned duties of the chair are through department collegial processes with approval by the dean.

The chair will conduct research and train highly qualified personnel in an area aligned with one of the university’s signature areas.

Term of Chair: 

Chair holders will be appointed for an initial five-­‐year term, renewable once for a second five-­‐year term based on funding availability and success and accomplishments of the chair. Each chair will be given a specific designated title to identify its alignment with a university signature area.

Management Committee: 

The Management Committee shall consist of:

  • Dean/Executive Director of the college/school as Chair;
  • Department Head;
  • ·ViceProvost, Faculty Relations; and,
  • Associate Vice-President Research;

The Management Committee will monitor the success of the chair, and will:

1) Assess the chair’s progress and outcomes in relation to the University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program; 

2) Recommend to the CRC Oversight Committee whether the incumbent should be renewed for a second term;

3) Oversee management of the funds, ensuring the appropriate use of funds and alignment with the University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program.

2017 Call for Nomination