University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program


The University of Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair Program assists the university in retaining world class faculty with research and scholarship focused within one of the university’s signature areas, who have made significant contributions to their field at a national and international level, and who may be at risk to accept a job offer from another institution.   

The work of a chair is directed toward research and scholarship in one of the following signature areas: Indigenous Peoples: Engagement and Scholarship; Agriculture: Food and Bioproducts for a Sustainable Future; Energy and Mineral Resources: Technology and Public Policy for a Sustainable Environment; One Health: Solutions at the Animal-Human-Environment Interface; Synchrotron Sciences: Innovation in Health, Environment and Advanced Technologies, or Water Security: Stewardship of the World's Freshwater Resources.

For more information, including funding, responsibilities and the terms of the chair, please see the Centennial Enchancement Chair Terms of Reference here (updated November 2018).

Call for nominations 2018-19

Renewal Process

There is no automatic renewal of a CEC and all requests to renew must undergo an internal peer review before a recommendation to renew or not renew is made to the CRC Oversight Committee, which makes the final decision on the status of a CEC. 

For more information on the renewal process, please contact Anna Okapiec at

Centennial Enhancement Chair Renewal Request form

Current Centennial Enhancement Chairs 

*As of November 2018

Keith Carlson (A&S) - CEC in Aboriginal and Community-Engaged History

Gregory Penner (AgBio) - CEC in Ruminant Nutritional Physiology 

Helen Baulch (SENS) - CEC in Aquatic Ecosystem Biogeochemistry 

Collen Dell (A&S) - CEC in One Health and Wellness

Safa Kasap (Engineering) – CEC in Photonics

Kerry McPhedran (Engineering) – CEC in Water Stewardship for Indigenous Communities

John Tse (A&S) – CEC in Material Science (Synchrotron Science)