Major Research Committees

WED Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference


Advise on the projects developed for submission for Western Economic Diversification (WD) and associated funding such as Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA).


  1. To advise the Vice-President Research on the projects appropriate for WD and WEPA Funds:
    • To approve the process and criteria by which eligible projects will be considered for funding from WD and WEPA Funds. Consideration will include the priorities of the funding agencies, strategic needs of the University; alternative funding sources available to the projects, and eligibility of expenses.
    • Based on the criteria determined above, to recommend to the Vice-President Research projects for funding from WD and WEPA Funds.
  2. Suggest strategies for seeking matching or alternate funding from other sources.


  • Director, Research Services and Assistant to the Vice-President (Chair)
  • One Representative from the Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work Committee
  • Two Representatives from the Associate Deans Research Forum
  • Managing Director, Industry Liaison Office

Meeting Schedule:

Meetings will be called at the discretion of the Chair and will correspond to the proposal preparation for WD and WEPA Funds. It is anticipated that the Committee will meet twice per year (in the spring and fall).