About the Associate Vice-President Research - Health (UofS) and Vice-President Research and Innovation (SHR) Office

The office of the Associate Vice-President Research - Health and Vice-President Research and Innovation (AVPR-H) builds partnerships, strategic alliances, and supports health research and innovation initiatives, particularly those featuring partnerships between academia and service delivery (including clinicians and policy makers). The AVPR-H facilitates health research funding and administrative support for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Saskatchewan Regional Partnership Program.

Saskatchewan Health research and innovation are key contributors  to health, economic performance, and well-being at home and abroad.

Catalyze health research and innovation opportunities.

Achieving our mission will deliver the following outcomes:

  1. Improved health research
  2. Improved health innovations
  3. A culture of evidence informed practice
  4. Enhanced reputation of U of S, SHR and partners in the areas of health research and innovation and innovation training
  5. Enhanced health research and innovation driven recruitment and retention

To achieve these outcomes the office of the AVPR-H focus on the following strategies with respect to health research and innovation:

  • Identify, develop, and champion opportunities that take advantage of existing strengths and respond to priority needs (local, provincial, national, and international)
  • Cultivate supportive relationships and partnerships
  • Facilitate and/or lead the development of effective policies, best practices, and processes
  • Identify systemic barriers and work effectively with others toward their resolution  

The office of the Associate Vice-President Research-Health (University of Saskatchewan) / Vice-President Research and Innovation (Saskatoon Health Region) is staffed with health research facilitators and innovation analysts that have health research expertise across many disciplines. Their combined expertise spans mixed-methods, quantitative, and qualitative research; as well as program evaluation and quality improvement science. The following are examples of services our research and innovation office can provide to Saskatoon Health Region and University of Saskatchewan personnel:

  • Support with grant applications and funding proposals (particularly clinical, health systems, and population or patient-based health research);
  • Development of health research related policies and procedures;
  • Designing, budgeting, and managing research, quality improvement, and program evaluation proposals and projects (including logic modelling and Lean methodology);
  • Literature reviews, environmental scans, benchmarking, and profiling of best practices;
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis, including conducting focus groups and interviews; and
  • Quantitative data collection and analysis, including support with research design, analysis models, research instrument development, validation, and psychometric testing.