The  Executive Training for Research Application (EXTRA) Program offered by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI)

The Office of the Associate Vice President Research-Health (UofS)/Vice President Research & Innovation (SHR) is pleased to be facilitating the EXTRA Program. EXTRA gives health system managers across Canada the skills to better use research in their daily work, as a way to increase evidence-informed decision-making in the health system.

EXTRA fellows are trained and supported to acquire:

  • knowledge of research evidence (existence, location and relevance/application);
  • the capacity to draw on systems thinking;
  • collaborative professional relationships; and
  • the ability to introduce and manage organizational change.

EXTRA is designed to have short-term and long-term impacts at three levels: on the fellows themselves, on their organizations and on the overall healthcare system. The competition is open to mid-career nurses, physicians, or other health service executives currently occupying a leadership position. Interprofessional team applications can also be submitted.

Key Annual Dates

  • 1. SHR Internal Review Date: February 
  • 2. EXTRA Application Deadline: March 
  • 3. Results Announced: May 
  • 4. First Residency Session: August 

For further information please reference CFHI - EXTRA or contact Tamara Colton at (306) 966-1733 or email